Major Exploration: Environmental Studies

Amherst College professors and students talk about the field of Environmental Studies, specifics about the major at Amherst, courses that majors can take, and available research opportunities.

Exploring the complex interactions between humans and the environment requires grounding in the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. In this short video, professors and students in the department talk about the field of environmental studies, the major, and research opportunities for students.

Have a current advisor outside of Environmental Studies?  No problem!  Please reach out to the departmental chair with questions about the ENST major or anything else on your mind.

Considering majoring?

  • Please visit the About the Major page for an introduction to the Environmental Studies major.
  • Please visit the Getting Started in the Major page for detailed information about starting the major including the timing of course work, pathways through the major, and how to integrate Study Away into your environmental studies major.
  • Visit our Courses page to see what courses are being taught in the upcoming semester. 
    • For the Class of 2027, we recommend the following courses: ENST-110 offered in the Fall and Spring.  ENST-105 and ENST-120 offered in the Spring.  
  • Use the ENST Checklists (for the Classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024,  or the Class of 2025  or the Classes of 2026 and onward) to plan and keep track of courses you have taken that fulfill requirements for the Environmental Studies major.

For Non-Majors

  • A great many students, who major in other disciplines, participate in courses in Environmental Studies. Indeed, we strongly encourage all students at Amherst to take at least one course in the department to explore the socio-ecological connections between humans and our environment.
  • All students at Amherst are equipped and should feel secure in taking any of our courses whose requirements they have met, regardless of whether you intend to major in the department.
  • Many non-majors take the introductory course, ENST-120: The Resilient (?) Earth, for a broad overview of Environmental Studies. However, there are many other courses available to students without previous coursework in the department including courses in environmental history, environmental sociology, and environmental science. Check out our elective courses.

For Transfer Students

  • Students who transfer to Amherst and wish to receive credit towards the Environmental Studies major requirements for previous course work should reach out to the chair of the department.