Major Exploration: Environmental Studies

Amherst College professors and students talk about the field of Environmental Studies, specifics about the major at Amherst, courses that majors can take, and available research opportunities.

About the Environmental Studies Major

Environmental Studies is a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary field. Whether your interests are in understanding the science of climate change and its effects on natural systems, in developing policy to help mitigate environmental degradation, in working toward just and equitable solutions to environmental challenges or communicating the urgency of climate change to the public there is a place in the department for you!

If you are interested in Environmental Studies, start with ENST-110: Introduction to Environmental Science or ENST-120: The Resilient (?) Earth - Introduction to Environmental Studies and then move on to other requirements in the major. Current courses in Environmental Studies can be found on our courses page and students are encouraged to use the appropriate checklist to help navigate their course work. 

To declare an Environmental Studies major please follow the Workday Instructions provided by the Registrar's Office. 

When you declare an Environmental Studies major:

  • You join a community of students and faculty committed to studying environmental issues and working towards solutions to the pressing environmental challenges we face.
  • We encourage all students and especially ENST majors to get involved with the Office of Sustainability, the Book and Plow Farm, and the Center for Community Engagement around initiatives on campus and locally that intersect with their interests.
  • You will be matched with an academic advisor in the department who can help you navigate the curriculum, including Five College courses, study away, honors research, or other questions on your mind. This relationship is important, and we encourage you to think about your academic and professional goals to get the most from your course work and your advisor.
  • You will be invited to departmental events such as seminars and lectures, lunches, and community gatherings – stay tuned!