DECLARING an environmental studies major

To declare an Environmental Studies major please download the Major Declaration Form from the Registrar’s Office, and send the completed form (signed by you and your academic advisor) along with an unofficial transcript to the department chair. 


Students with an Advanced Placement score of 5 on the AP Environmental Science exam or who have advanced coursework in environmental science are encouraged to talk with Prof. Hewitt to determine placement regarding ENST-110: Introduction to Environmental Science.


Students may place out of the requirement of Introductory Economics (either ENST-230 or ECON-111) in several ways including (i) a score of 4 or 5 on both the macro and micro portion of the Advanced Placement exam, (ii) attaining a grade of 6 or 7 on the higher-level International Baccalaureate in Economics, or (iii) attaining a grade of A on the A levels.  Any ENST major excused from introductory economics is expected to replace this requirement with one of the following 200-level ECON courses.

•  ECON-210 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
•  ECON-212 Public Economics: Environment, Health, and Inequality
•  ECON-223 The Economics of Migration
•  ECON-262 Development Economics
•  ECON-275 Consumption and the Pursuit of Happiness
•  ECON-410 Environment and Development (for ECON-ENST double majors)


Students placing out of STAT-111/STAT-135 (i.e., those placing into intermediate statistics, STAT-230, see Amherst Statistics placement information at this link) must still complete the core Statistics/Research Methods requirement by taking a different course from among those offered in this area.  Link to the ENST major requirements page for a complete list of courses that fulfill this requirement.

CREDIT Toward the major for five college or study away courseS

To petition for credit for courses already completed at the Five Colleges or as part of a Study Away program, please send to the department chair the (1) course number/title, description, & syllabus, (2) information on whether the course had pre-requisites, and (3) a short description of the type of credit for which you are asking.  The chair will forward it to the faculty for discussion & be back in touch.

transfer credit toward the Environmental studies major

Students who transfer to Amherst and wish to receive credit towards the major requirements should meet with the departmental chair.

SENIOR HONORs program in Environmental studies

Students who are considering joining the Honors Research Program are strongly encouraged to complete the Statistics/Research Methods requirement prior to their senior year.

comprehensive evaluation in Environmental studies

The ENST-495 Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies serves as the comprehensive requirement for the Environmental Studies major. This course is taught in the Fall semester and required for all senior majors including Honors thesis writers.

DOUBLE Majoring

Students for whom Environmental Studies is one of two majors can count no more than two courses toward both majors.

pass/fail (fgo) policy

Environmental Studies allows one course taken with a letter grade of “P” (pass) to count towards the requirements for the ENST major if this course took place in any of the following semesters: Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021. Starting in Fall 2021, all courses counting toward the ENST major must be taken for a letter grade.