Welcome to Amherst! Class of 2022 Students

Exploring the complex interactions between humans and nature requires grounding in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Students interested in majoring in ENST should consider taking one of the following core requirements of the ENST major in the fall of Year 1: Economics (ECON-111E/ENST-230), Environmental History (ENST-220/HIST-104 or HIST-105), or Statistics (STAT-111E/ENST-240 or STAT-135 for students strong in calculus).

Completion of the required introductory course ENST-120 in the spring semester of Year 1 is strongly recommended.

What is the Environmental Studies Major?

The Environmental Studies major consists of 11 courses:

  • Introduction to ENST (ENST 120)
  • 5 core courses: Ecology (BIOL 230/ENST 210), Statistics (ENST 240 or similar), Environmental History (HIST 104 or 105), Economics with Environmental Applications (ENST 230/ECON 111E) and Environmental Policy (ENST-252 or 260).
  • Senior Seminar (ENST 495)
  • 4 Electives (see major website)

Students considering a major in Environmental Studies are strongly advised to take ENST 120 in the spring semester of their first year, because it is a requisite for Ecology (BIOL 230/ENST 210) and other upper-level courses in the major. Most of the core courses lack requisites, and students are encouraged to take them in their first and second years. (Note that neither the Environmental Policy requirement nor the eleven course requirement apply to students graduating before 2021.)

AP Credit for Advanced Placement

No credit is offered for advanced placement in Environmental Studies. However, students who have taken AP Stats or AP Micro and Macroeconomics can sometimes place out of these core requirements with permission from the Environmental Studies Department. Students would then be required to replace these core requirements with an additional elective.

How Can I Stay Involved in Environmental Studies at Amherst?

Students seeking environmental activities outside of the classroom are encouraged to visit the following websites:

Please see our Major page for additional requirements for Environmental Studies majors.