Year 1
Students interested in majoring in ENST should consider taking one of the following core requirements of the ENST major in the fall of Year 1: Economics (ECON-111E/ENST-230), Environmental History (ENST-220/HIST-104 or HIST-105), or Statistics (STAT-111E/ENST-240 or STAT-135). Enrollment in electives for the major should also be considered.

Completion of the required introductory course ENST-120 in the spring semester of Year 1 is strongly recommended.

Year 2
Continued progress towards completion of the core requirements, including Ecology (BIOL-230/ENST-210) in the fall semester.

ENST-120 must be completed by the spring semester of year 2.   It is strongly recommended that either (or both) Economics or Statistics requirements be completed by the end of the second year.

Year 3
The third year is ideal for deepening your ENST training with electives, and perhaps also a study abroad experience.

Students interested in pursuing Senior Honors should consult with ENST faculty during the spring semester of the junior year.

The ENST faculty strongly encourage completion of ALL of the core requirements of the major by the end of year three.

Year 4
The Senior Seminar (ENST-495) must be completed during the fall semester.  Honors candidates will dedicate one course credit to their thesis research during both the fall and spring semesters (ENST-498 and -499).  Additional electives are encouraged during this year.