The Environmental Studies Department collaborates with the Five College Consortium to help students identify course offerings across the Colleges and University of Massachusetts.  Students can use the Five College Course Catalog to search for environmentally relevant courses at any of the institutions. 

Instructions for registering in a Five College course are available at the Amherst Registrar's website and guidelines related to cross registration are also available at the Five College Guidelines page.

The department also encourages students to pursue academic programs the Five Colleges that align with their interests in environmental studies.  A list of Five College Academic Programs is available and our students may be particularly interested in...

Coastal and Marine Sciences Certificate

The Five College Coastal and Marine Sciences Program offers an interdisciplinary marine-related curriculum to undergraduate students enrolled in a Five College campus. Through active affiliations with some of the nation's premier centers for marine study (field trips, internships, and study-away programs), students engage in hands-on research to complement course work. 

Sustainability Studies Certificate

Sustainability will be essential to the formulation of sound environmental, economic and social progress in the 21st century. The Five College Sustainability Studies certificate (FCSS) program is designed to engage students in a structured course of study that will draw on courses from across the campuses in a range of disciplines. Students complete an internship, independent research project or advanced course work in sustainability studies.