Funding for summer internships available through the Charles Hamilton Houston Program

The Houston Program, administered through the Loeb Center for Career Exploration & Planning, supports Amherst College students in identifying, applying to, and funding for summer internship opportunities. Follow the links above to apply to the Houston Program.  For any questions about the Houston Program, please email

Following enrollment in the Houston Program (and attendance to a couple of workshops), students can then search & apply for summer internship funding connected to their personal, professional, and academic goals. Stipends range in support and run from six to ten weeks.  Instructions & application details are at this link.

Funds for Research and Engagement in Environmental Studies (FREES)

Due to a generous donation from an Environmental Studies alum, funding opportunities are available to support students in the department as they engage with environmental issues.

Potential funding is available for (1) current seniors working towards honors theses, (2) juniors (rising seniors) interested in conducting independent research that could evolve into an honors thesis, or (3) in-semester, interterm, or summer research projects or internships. Funds also may be requested to foster connections and community around environmental issues at Amherst and beyond.  Proposals seeking to make connections with alumni of the college are encouraged (e.g., interterm or summer internships with alumni).

To apply, please submit a brief proposal (2-3 pages) and a preliminary budget to the department chair. Proposals should describe the research/internship plan and include discussion of how this experience connects to your academic and career goals. Please include an itemized budget that briefly outlines anticipated expenditures related to the proposed plan. Faculty in ENST would be pleased to talk with you about your ideas and students are encouraged to be in touch with their advisors or the chair.

There is no formal deadline and proposals will considered on a rolling basis between the first day of classes in the fall and the last day of classes in the spring.  Whether you need a couple of hundred dollars for a small project or a larger amount, we encourage you to apply.  

Center for Community Engagement (CCE) Engaged Research Program

The CCE provides summer support (up to $5,500) for current juniors planning to conduct community-engaged research or place-based research in preparation for a senior thesis or capstone project in their senior year. Rising seniors (current juniors) in ENST who are interested in community-centered research that could intersect with a thesis are encouraged to talk with faculty in ENST or the current chair.

Zoë Jacobs in the Center for Community Engagement is also available to discuss the program.

Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty – Fall, Spring, and Summer funding opportunities

Additional funding opportunities, including research-related travel expenses and research with Amherst College faculty members, is available through the Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty, including deadlines for applications. 

For summer funding:  This program supports summer research awards for a period of up to eight weeks of work (or up to 320 hours) and includes a stipend of $15.25 per hour, as well as campus housing and meals. Priority will go to current juniors with proposals leading into thesis work. Students must outline a clearly defined project and have the support of the faculty member with whom the student will work directly.  Both students and their faculty sponsors must explain how the student's project can be done remotely, though the hope is that summer research students will have the option to live on campus.

The deadlines for submission of proposals are February 22, 2022 (for Spring 2022) and April 11, 2022 (for summer 2022). The online application is here.