Environmental Studies

Honors Theses in Environmental Studies

The honors program in Environmental Studies is a two semester sequence. Majors electing to do honors are required to submit a thesis proposal to the Steering Committee prior to enrolling in ENST-498. Following successful completion of ENST-498, students complete their thesis by enrolling in ENST-499.

Students undertaking a thesis project are expected to assemble
(by early fall of the senior year) an interdisciplinary committee of three faculty members to advise them on the thesis. Students are encouraged to discuss potential thesis projects with faculty members in their junior year. Titles of previous theses are listed below along with links to their location in the Amherst College library.

Senior Honors Theses in Environmental Studies

Class of 2013

Khan, Risalat.  An Agent-Based Model to Simulate Farmers' Decisions on Adoption of Organic Practices and Explore the Effects of Interventions on Long-Term Agricultural Outcomes

Neilson, Carolyn Stephanie.  The Juicy Details:  An Analysis of the American Meat Industry

Watson, Brian Michael.  The Resilient Community:  An Exploration of an Emerging Concept, with a Focus on Local Agriculture

Class of 2012

Danzig, Laura.  Greening the City, A Socio-economic Analysis of Urban Sustainability Plans from a Community and City-Wide Perspective

Eisen, Katherine.  Forty-two Years of Forest Measurements Support the Continuation of the Northeastern Carbon Sink

Hu, Ophelia.  Wax and Gold:  a triptych

La Rose, Jonathan.  Our Nightmare:  the destructive mechanism of our time

Sperling, Samuel.  Corn Stover Biofuel Production in the United States

Class of 2011

Bennett, Brooke R.  From Illustration to Conservation: An Ecocritical Analysis of Ornithological Illustrations

Daniel, Sateesh.  Eco-Tourism & Local Involvement Among Southern Kenya's Maasai: Adapting to a Shrinking World

Emmerman, David S.  Breaking the Resource Curse: A Case Study of Smallholder Empowerment and Environmental Stewardship in Chone, Ecuador

Gehrdes, Sara.  Inter-annual Study of the Phenology of Eichornia crassipes: Lake Mateos, Mexico 1998-2001

Huober, Annegret Laura. Moving Towards Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Accra: Bridging the Formal-Informal Divide

Lightner, Robyn.  Healthy Food Accessibility in Underserved Boston Neighborhoods: The Affordability and Viability of Farmers' Market

Rowe, Clara.  Fishing Away Marine Conservation: Poverty, Resource Dependence, and Poor Management in Cuajiniquil, Costa Rica

Schwab, Hallie.  Dominant Narratives and Silenced Voices in the Conservation of Madagascar's Eastern Rainforests

Class of 2010

Ostrowski, Samantha.  Cooperation, Contestation, and Conservation: An Analysis of Peace Parks

Swenson, Samuel K.  (Offshore) Winds of Change: Lessons from the European Experience

Class of 2009

Gang, Jeffrey S.  Conservation Through Innovation: Market-Based Mechanisms for Biodiversity and Poverty Alleviation in Costa Rica

Loomis, Kathryn.  Climate Change, Politics, and the Wind: Policies to Promote Wind Energy in the United States

Wildfire, Cynthia.  Just Charge It: Global Warming, Personal Transportation, and Electric Vehicles