European Studies Related Courses

This is a list of ALL related courses, please check the catalog when and if a course is offered:

ARHA-132     Art and Architecture of Europe from 300 to 1500 C.E.
ARHA-135     Art and Architecture of Europe from 1400 to 1800

ARHA-145     The Modern World
ARHA 146     Art From the Realm of Dreams
Dutch and Flemish Painting: The Art of Beholding
ARHA-284     Women and Art in Early Modern Europe
ARHA-351     Renaissance Art in Italy
ARHA-352     Proseminar: Images of Sickness & Healing
ARHA-356     Baroque Art in Italy, France, Spain and the Spanish Netherlands
ARHA-385     Witches, Vampires and Other Monsters

BLST-294      Black Europe
CLAS-121     Greek Mythology and Religion
CLAS-123     Greek Civilization
CLAS-124     Roman Civilization
CLAS-128     Life in Ancient Rome
CLAS-133     History of Rome: Origins and Republic
CLAS-134     Archaeology of Greece
ENGL-301     The Moral Essay
ENGL-309     Proust
ENGL-311     The Literature of Madness
ENGL-314     Sexuality and History in the Contemporary Novel
ENGL-332     Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
ENGL-336     Renaissance Drama: The Places of Performance
ENGL-338     Shakespeare
ENGL-340     Major English Writers I
ENGL-346     Victorian Novel I
ENGL-348     Modern British Literature, 1900-1950
ENGL-349     James Joyce
ENGL-417     Americans in Paris
ENGL-482     Cinephilia
FREN-311     Cultural History of France: From the Middle Ages to the Revolution
FREN-320     Literary Masks of the Late French Middle Ages
FREN-321     Amor and Metaphor in the Early French Middle Ages
FREN-324     Studies in Medieval Romance Literature and Culture
FREN-327     Humanism and the Renaissance
FREN-330     The Doing and Undoing of Genres in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
FREN-335     Lovers and Libertines
FREN-338     The Republic of Letters
FREN-339     Worldliness and Otherworldliness
FREN-342     Women of Ill Repute: Prostitutes in Nineteenth-Century French Literature
FREN-343     Agents Provocateurs: Scandalous French Artists, from Baudelaire to Cline
FREN-346     Enfants Terribles: Childhood in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Art
FREN-350     Contemporary French Literature: Crises and Transformation
FREN-351     France's Identity Wars
FREN-353     Literature in French Outside Europe: Introduction to Francophone Studies
FREN-354      War and Memory
FREN-360     Masterpieces of French Literature in Translation
FREN-361     European Film
FREN-365     Toward the New Wave
GERM-315    German Cultural History to 1800
GERM-316    German Cultural History from 1800 to the Present
GERM-325    Romantic Couples
GERM-327    The Age of Goethe
GERM-331    Berlin, Metropolis
GERM-333    Comedy and Humor
GERM-334    Post-War German Culture, 1945-1989
GERM-335    Modernism and Its Discontents
GERM-344    Popular Cinema
GERM-347    Weimar Cinema: The "Golden Age" of German Film
GERM-350    Rilke
GERM-351    Joyful Apocalypse: Vienna Around 1900
GERM-352    Kafka, Brecht, and Thomas Mann
GERM-356    The Artist
GERM-360     Performance
GERM-364     Architectures of Disappearance

GERM-365    Making Memorials
GREE-212    Greek Prose: Plato's Apology
GREE-215    An Introduction to Greek Tragedy
GREE-217    Reading the New Testament
GREE-318    An Introduction to Greek Epic
GREE-441    Advanced Readings in Greek Literature I
GREE-442    Advanced Readings in Greek Literature II
HIST-101       World War II in Global Perspective
HIST-120       The World of Medieval Europe
HIST-125       Early Modern Europe
HIST-130       World War I
HIST-132       Europe in the Twentieth Century
HIST-212       Disease and Doctors: An Introduction to the History of Western Medicine
HIST-213       Turning Points in the History of Science
HIST-229       The European Enlightenment
HIST-230       The French Revolution
HIST-231       Race and Empire: The British Experience from 1760
HIST-232       European Intellectual History in the Twentieth Century
HIST-234       Nazi Germany
      Stalin and Stalinism
HIST-236       Soviet Union During the Cold War
HIST-323       Travel in the Middle Ages
HIST-325       The Reformation Era in Europe, 1500-1660
HIST-335       European Migrations
HIST-438       Topics in European History: The Politics of Memory in Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST-439       Defining the Modern: Russia Between Tsars and Communists
LATI-215        Latin Literature: Catullus and the Lyric Spirit
LATI-316        Latin Literature in the Augustan Age
LATI-441        Advanced Readings in Latin Literature I
LJST-136      Law Between Plato and the Poets
LJST-212      Psychoanalysis and Law
LJST-341      Interpretation in Law and Literature
LJST-348      Law And War
LJST-356      Representing and Judging the Holocaust
MUSI-124      Global Sound
MUSI-188      Creating Musical Drama
MUSI-221      Music and Culture I
MUSI-222      Music and Culture II
     Music and Culture III
MUSI-420      Mozart and the Classical Style
MUSI-422      Music and Revolution: The Symphonies of Mahler and Shostakovich
MUSI-442      Serving the Tsars and the Party
MUSI-444      Twentieth-Century Analysis
PHIL-111       Philosophical Questions
PHIL-217       Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHIL-218       Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL-227       Aesthetics
PHIL-310       Normative Ethics
PHIL-360       Origins of Analytic Philosophy: Frege, Russell, and the Early Wittgenstein
PHIL-364       Kant
PHIL-367       Hume's Masterpiece
PHIL-463       The Later Wittgenstein
POSC-213    World Politics
POSC-345    Contemporary Europe
POSC-372    Culture & Politics in 20th-Century Europe
POSC-413    The Political Theory of Globalization
POSC-415    Taking Marx Seriously
POSC-475    Personality and International Politics Gorbachev, the End of the Cold War and the Collapse of the Soviet Union
POSC-479    Seminar on War and Peace
POSC-480    Contemporary Political Theory
PSYC-234     Memory
PSYC-368     Autobiographical Memory
RELI-111       Introduction to Religion
RELI-122       The End of the World:  Utopias and Dystopias
RELI-265       Prophecy, Wisdom, and Apocalyptic
RELI-278       Christianity, Philosophy, and History in the Nineteenth Century
RELI-279       Liberation and Twentieth-Century Christian Thought
RELI-362       Folklore and the Bible
RELI-370       Close Reading: The Classics of Judaism and Christianity
RELI-372       The Secret Jesus
RELI-275       History of Christianity--The Early Years
RUSS-211    The Rise of the Russian Novel
RUSS-212    Survey of Russian Literature From Dostoevsky to Nabokov
RUSS-213    Century of Catastrophe:  Soviet and Contemporary Russia in Literature and Film
RUSS-217    Strange Russian Writers: Gogol, Dostoevsky, Bulgakov, Nabokov, et al
RUSS-225    Seminar on One Writer: Vladimir Nabokov
RUSS-227    Fyodor Dostoevsky
RUSS-228    Tolstoy
RUSS-232    Russian Lives
RUSS-234    The Soviet Experience
RUSS-241    Russian and Soviet Film
RUSS-401    Advanced Studies in Russian Literature and Culture I
SOCI-315      Foundations of Sociological Theory
SPAN-228     Seventeenth Century European Theater
SPAN-232     Strange Girls: Spanish Women’s Voices
SPAN-236     Representation and Reality in Spanish Cinema
SPAN-316     Golden Age Literature
SPAN-320     Generations of 1898 and 1927
SPAN-340     Violence, Art, and Memory of the Spanish Civil War
SPAN-344     The Spanish Civil War: Art, Politics, and Violence
SPAN-352     Barcelona
SPAN-355     Madrid
SPAN-364     Don Quixote
SPAN-365     Cervantes
SPAN-375     Hispanic Humor
SPAN-384     Love

SPAN-389     Postwar Spain and the Novel
SPAN-392     Spanish Detectives and the género negro