FAMS is pleased to offer events in support of its academic mission, including screenings by established and burgeoning filmmakers, guest lectures by critical historians and theorists, and workshops/lectures by writers and producers working in film, television, video and new media.

Please note: The FAMS calendar also features film screening opportunities sponsored by other departments on the Amherst College campus.

Arts & Activism: A Conversation Between Photographer Jess Dugan and Curator Mary Statzer

November 2, 2020

A conversation between photographer Jess Dugan and curator Mary Statzer. Dugan and Statzer's conversation ranged from whether art can help during difficult times, the artistic process, and the collaboration between artist and curator.

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Still from Milagroso Azul (Miracle Blue) by Joyzel Acevedo '15
Still from Milagroso Azul (Miracle Blue) by Joyzel Acevedo '15

Political yet Personal: Student Documentaries Explore Torture and Immigration

A former military police officer attempts to reconcile his love for music with the memory of hearing it used as a weapon while stationed at Guantanamo Bay. An immigrant family from Cuba mourns the loss of their wife / mother / grandmother thousands of miles from the place they know as home. These are the real stories behind two documentaries filmed, edited and produced by Ashley Blasczyk '15 and Joyzel Acevedo '15 as part of their Film and Media Studies senior thesis projects.

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