Film & Media Studies

a man hold a video camera

Each FAMS major is required to take the following "foundations" courses, offered at the 200-level:

  • two “foundations” course in Critical Studies (we offer a variety of these courses, including “Coming to Terms: Cinema,” "Knowing Cinema," “Introduction to Film Histories,” “Television Narratives,” "Representing Reality," and “Coming to Terms: Media”)
  • one “foundations” course in Production (such as “Foundations in Video Production”).

These classes provide the groundwork in those methods and tools of Film and Media Studies that will prepare you both for electives and advanced seminars or workshops. Ideally, you will take these 200-level courses in your first and second years at the college.

If you are thinking about declaring a FAMS major: please email the Chair of the FAMS program (currently Professor Pooja Rangan) to set up a meeting. You can also declare the major on Workday; this will inform the Chair of your intent to declare the major, and the Chair will reach out to you to set up a meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for the Chair to get to know you, your interests and academic history, to offer some preliminary advise on navigating the FAMS major requirements, and to assign you an advisor.