To receive Honors in Film and Media Studies, students must complete a year-long thesis. After completion and final conversation with faculty, the thesis committee will recommend what level of Honors to confer: Summa, Magna, or Cum. 

Thinking about a FAMS Thesis?

FAMS students interested in pursuing a thesis as an alternative to completing an additional 400-level seminar or workshop will submit a thesis proposal in the spring semester of their junior year. Proposals will be reviewed by the FAMS Steering Committee, and those students whose works are accepted will be assigned to a thesis advisor. Thesis projects are required to include both creative and critical components, even if one form (audiovisual or written) may primarily dominate the work. 

If you are a Junior and are thinking about proposing a thesis, please see our Thesis Proposal Guidelines including important deadlines. You can also see a couple of examples of thesis projects completed by former FAMS seniors on our Student Work page.  

Your thesis proposal was accepted! Now what?

The first thing you should do is to reach out to your assigned advisor to set up a meeting before the end of spring of your junior year! FAMS faculty have compiled a number of documents to help you navigate the thesis process. Your advisor will go through these with you: