First Year Seminar

Fall 2007

FYSE-01 The Value of Nature

Joseph G. Moore (Section 01)

FYSE-02 Genes/Genomes/Society

Anthony C. Bishop (Section 01)
David I. Ratner (Section 02)

FYSE-03 Evolution & Intellect Rev

John W. Servos (Section 01)

FYSE-04 Rule of Law

Lawrence R. Douglas (Section 01)

FYSE-05 Drugs: Hist, Soc, Cult

Francis G. Couvares (Section 01)

FYSE-06 Improvisational Thinking

Dominic L. Poccia (Section 01)

FYSE-07 Telling Lives

Martha A. Sandweiss (Section 01)

FYSE-08 Democracy in Latin Amer

Javier Corrales (Section 01)

FYSE-09 Citizenship & Nat'l Identity

N. Gordon Levin (Section 01)
Pavel Machala (Section 02)

FYSE-10 Pariscape

Ronald C. Rosbottom (Section 01)

FYSE-11 Decisions & Uncertainty

Frank H. Westhoff (Section 01)

FYSE-12 Friendship

Kim Townsend (Section 01)

FYSE-13 Eros & Insight

Arthur G. Zajonc (Section 01)

FYSE-14 The Unseen Universe

George S. Greenstein (Section 01)

FYSE-15 Secrets and Lies

Austin D. Sarat (Section 01)

FYSE-16 Performance

Suzanne P. Dougan (Section 01)

FYSE-17 War

Peter Czap (Section 01)
Margaret R. Hunt (Section 02)
Sean Redding (Section 03)

FYSE-18 Arts of Spain

Natasha Staller (Section 01)

FYSE-19 Growing Up in America

Elizabeth J. Aries (Section 01)

FYSE-20 Africa: Power/Reprsntatn

Miriam R. Goheen [d] (Section 01)

FYSE-21 Science & Religion

Scott F. Kaplan (Section 01)

FYSE-22 Internet Controversies

Catherine C. McGeoch (Section 01)

FYSE-23 Lies and Statistics

Katherine E. Tranbarger (Section 01)

FYSE-24 Transformative Ideas

Thomas L. Dumm (Section 01)

FYSE-25 Dreams in Chin Lit

Paola Zamperini (Section 01)

FYSE-26 Mozart & His World

David E. Schneider (Section 01)

FYSE-27 Autobiography & Self

Helen L. von Schmidt (Section 01)