First Year Seminar

Fall 2009

FYSE-01 The Value of Nature

Jan E. Dizard (Section 01)

FYSE-02 Genes, Genomes and Society

Caroline E. Goutte (Section 01)
Patricia B. O'Hara (Section 02)
David I. Ratner (Section 03)

FYSE-03 Evolution and Intellectual Revolution

Patrick L. Williamson (Section 01)

FYSE-04 The Rule of Law

Lawrence R. Douglas (Section 01)

FYSE-05 Drugs in History

Francis G. Couvares (Section 01)
Margaret R. Hunt (Section 02)

FYSE-06 From Martin Luther King, Jr., to Barack Obama

David W. Wills (Section 01)

FYSE-07 Romanticism and the Enlightenment

Ute Brandes (Section 01)
George S. Greenstein (Section 02)
Allen Guttmann (Section 03)

FYSE-08 War

John W. Servos (Section 01)
Kevin M. Sweeney (Section 02)

FYSE-09 Slavery and the American Imagination

Hilary J. Moss (Section 01)

FYSE-10 Exile in Spain and Latin America

Sara J. Brenneis (Section 01)

FYSE-11 Decisions and Uncertainty

Frank H. Westhoff (Section 01)

FYSE-12 Friendship

Kim Townsend (Section 01)

FYSE-13 Gender and Science

TBA (Section 01)

FYSE-14 Autobiographical Acts

Dale E. Peterson (Section 01)

FYSE-15 Secrets and Lies

Austin D. Sarat (Section 01)

FYSE-16 History and Memory in Literature and Photography

Robert T. Hayashi (Section 01)

FYSE-17 Leadership, Citizens and Democracy

Ronald S. Tiersky (Section 01)

FYSE-18 Science and Music

Jonathan R. Friedman (Section 01)
Eric W. Sawyer (Section 01)

FYSE-19 Growing Up in America

Carol C. Clark (Section 01)

FYSE-20 Africa: Power and Representation

Miriam R. Goheen [d] (Section 01)

FYSE-21 Christianity and Evolution

Andrew C. Dole (Section 01)

FYSE-22 Strange Russian Writers

Boris Wolfson (Section 01)

FYSE-23 Happiness

Daniel P. Barbezat (Section 01)

FYSE-24 Bad Science

Nicholas C. Darnton (Section 01)

FYSE-25 Privacy

Martha M. Umphrey (Section 01)

FYSE-26 Improvisational Thinking

Dominic L. Poccia (Section 01)