First Year Seminar

Fall 2017

FYSE-101 The Value of Nature

Rachel A. Levin (Section 01)

FYSE-102 Angels and Demons on the Opera Stage

Klara Moricz (Section 01)

FYSE-103 Revolutionary Thinking

Bryn I. Geffert (Section 01)

FYSE-104 Exile

Sara J. Brenneis (Section 01)

FYSE-105 Faraway Places

Amy C. Hall (Section 01)

FYSE-106 Language Crossing and Living in Translation  

FYSE-107 Secrets and Lies

Austin D. Sarat (Section 01)

FYSE-108 Evolution and Intellectual Revolution

Anna M. Martini (Section 02)
Jill S. Miller (Section 01)

FYSE-109 Asia in the European Mind: Modern European Discourse on History and Identity

Trent E. Maxey (Section 01)

FYSE-110 Christianity and Evolution

Andrew C. Dole (Section 01)

FYSE-111 The Literature of Love

Maria R. Heim (Section 01)

FYSE-112 Things Matter

Amelie E. Hastie (Section 01)

FYSE-113 Genocide

Ellen R. Boucher (Section 01)
Sean Redding (Section 02)
April D. Trask (Section 03)

FYSE-114 Thought Experiments in Physics

Jagu Jagannathan (Section 01)

FYSE-115 Goya and His World

Natasha Staller (Section 01)

FYSE-116 Justice in Question

Andrew Poe (Section 01)

FYSE-117 New Women in America

Wendy H. Bergoffen (Section 01)

FYSE-118 Crossing

Frederick T. Griffiths (Section 01)

FYSE-119 Romanticism and the Enlightenment

Ute Brandes (Section 01)

FYSE-120 Telling Stories

Molly Mead (Section 01)

FYSE-121 Pariscape: Imagining Paris in the Twentieth Century

Ronald C. Rosbottom (Section 01)

FYSE-122 Art, Politics and Protest: Image and Text in Our Time

Justin F. Kimball (Section 01)

FYSE-123 Reading, Writing, and Teaching

FYSE-124 Vienna Around 1900: Cradle of Modernity

Christian Rogowski (Section 01)

FYSE-125 Geology of the American West: Critical Landscapes in Earth Science and in American Cultural Debate

Tekla A. Harms (Section 01)

FYSE-126 Political Identities

Amrita Basu (Section 01)

FYSE-127 Genes, Genomes and Society

David I. Ratner (Section 01)

FYSE-128 Transformative Ideas

Thomas L. Dumm (Section 01)

FYSE-129 A History of the Native Book:  Uncovering Indigenous Intellectual Trade-routes

Kiara M. Vigil (Section 01)

FYSE-130 War and Peace

Boris Wolfson (Section 01)

FYSE-131 The Art of Noticing

Wendy Woodson (Section 01)

FYSE-132 Brain Sciences of the Future

Michael A. Cohen (Section 01)

FYSE-133 Food and Eating Disorders

John-Paul Baird (Section 01)

FYSE-134 Education: For Whom and What For?

Jyl Gentzler (Section 01)
Catherine M. Sanchez (Section 01)