First Year Seminar Contributing Faculty

Elizabeth J. Aries
Clarence Francis 1910 Professor in Social Sciences (Psychology)
Ute Brandes
Georges Lurcy Professor of German; Chair of Spanish
Alicia J. Christoff
Asst Prof of English
Nicola M. Courtright
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of the History of Art; Chair of European Studies
Francis G. Couvares
E. Dwight Salmon Professor of History and American Studies
Lawrence R. Douglas
James J. Grosfeld Professor of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought
Wendy T. Ewald
Visiting Artist-In-Residence
Judith E. Frank
Professor of English and Elizabeth W. Bruss Reader; Director of Studies
Bryn I. Geffert
Librarian of the College
Frederick T. Griffiths
Class of 1880 Professor in Greek (Classics) and Professor of Women's and Gender Studies;
Amelie E. Hastie
Professor of English and Film and Media Studies; Chair of Film and Media Studies
Maria R. Heim
Professor of Religion.
Jerome L. Himmelstein
Winthrop H. Smith 1916 Professor of Sociology; Chair of Anthropology and Sociology
Hannah A. Holleman
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Tariq Jaffer
Assistant Professor of Religion
Jenny L. Kallick
Professor of Music; Chair of Music
Michael Kelly
Head of Archives and Special Collections, Frost Library.
Rick A. Lopez
Associate Professor of History and Dean of New Students
Paul D. Matteson
Five College Assistant Professor of Dance
Trent E. Maxey
Associate Professor of Asian Languages and Civilizations and History; Chair of History
Dominic L. Poccia
Rufus Tyler Lincoln Professor of Biology
Interests: Mechanisms of membrane fusion, fertilization and cell cycle regulation.
Andrew L. Poe
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Patrick Pritchett
Visiting Lecturer in English
David I. Ratner
Alfred Sargent Lee '41 and Mary Farley Ames Lee Professor of Biology
Interests: Cellular differentiation in Dictyostelium amoebae; ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis; signal transduction pathways
Christian Rogowski
G. Armour Craig Professor in Language and Literature In the Department of German
Ronald C. Rosbottom
Winifred L. Arms Professor in the Arts and Humanities and Professor of French and European Studies
Austin D. Sarat
William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science; Associate Dean of the Faculty
Dwaipayan Sen
Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Civilizations and History
Nishiten Shah
Professor of Philosophy
Lucia M. Suarez
Associate Professor of Spanish
Ronald S. Tiersky
Joseph B. Eastman '04 Professor of Political Science
Kim Townsend
Class of 1959 Professor of English, Emeritus
Kiara M. Vigil
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Patrick L. Williamson
Edward H. Harkness Professor of Biology
Interests: Lipid bilayer organization; lipid asymmetry; transbilayer lipid transport; recognition and removal of apoptotic cells