First Year Seminar Contributing Faculty

Elizabeth J. Aries
Clarence Francis 1910 Professor in Social Sciences (Psychology)
Daniel P. Barbezat
Professor of Economics
Ronald Dean Bashford
Assistant Professor of Theater & Dance
Interests: I teach courses in directing, ensemble collaboration, dramatic literature and script analysis, and the craft of speaking (voice and speech). I also direct and advise senior thesis projects. In addition to teaching, I work as a professional freelance theater director. My work includes more than fifty professional projects, including plays, musicals and multidisciplinary collaborations, regionally and in New York City.
Anthony C. Bishop
Professor of Chemistry
Francis G. Couvares
E. Dwight Salmon Professor of History and American Studies
Peter D. Crowley
Professor of Geology; Chair of Geology
Suzanne P. Dougan
Stanley King '03 Professor of Theater and Dance and Director of Theatrical Productions
Lawrence R. Douglas
James J. Grosfeld Professor of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought
Wendy T. Ewald
Visiting Artist-In-Residence
Bryn I. Geffert
Librarian of the College
Jyl Gentzler
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Philosophy and Co-Director of the Writing Center
Stephen A. George
The Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences, Emeritus (Biology and Neuroscience)
Interests: Neurobiology: plasticity in the visual system. Neurophysiology: modelling of ion channel activation.
Miriam R. Goheen
Professor of Anthropology and Black Studies
Frederick T. Griffiths
Class of 1880 Professor in Greek (Classics) and Professor of Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies
Christopher A. Grobe
Assistant Professor of English
Amy C. Hall
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Allen J. Hart
Professor of Psychology
Robert T. Hayashi
Associate Professor of American Studies; Chair of American Studies
Maria R. Heim
Professor of Religion.
Jerome L. Himmelstein
Winthrop H. Smith 1916 Professor of Sociology; Chair of Anthropology and Sociology
Kannan Jagannathan
Bruce B. Benson '43 and Lucy Wilson Benson Professor of Physics
Jenny L. Kallick
Professor of Music
Molly Mead
Senior Advisor to the Dean of the Faculty
Edward D. Melillo
Associate Professor of History and Environmental Studies.
Jill S. Miller
Associate Professor of Biology
Interests: Ecology and evolution of plant reproductive systems, molecular phylogenetic systematics, population and evolutionary genetics, hybridization and speciation
Joseph G. Moore
Professor of Philosophy; Chair of Philosophy
Jonathan M. Obert
Asst Prof of Political Science
Christian Rogowski
G. Armour Craig Professor in Language and Literature In the Department of German; Chair of German
Ronald C. Rosbottom
Winifred L. Arms Professor in the Arts and Humanities and Professor of French and European Studies; Chair of Architectural Studies
Catherine M. Sanchez
Senior Writing Associate
Benigno R. Sanchez-Eppler
Lecturer in English
Austin D. Sarat
William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science; Associate Dean of the Faculty; Chair of Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought
Eric W. Sawyer
Professor of Music; Chair of Music
Martha Saxton
Professor of History and Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies and Elizabeth W. Bruss Reader
John W. Servos
Anson D. Morse Professor of History
Nishiten Shah
Professor of Philosophy
Wendy Woodson
Roger C. Holden 1919 Professor of Theater and Dance; Chair of Theater and Dance