First Year Seminar Contributing Faculty

Ronald Dean Bashford

Assistant Professor of Theater & Dance

Ellen R. Boucher

Assistant Professor of History

Ute Brandes

Georges Lurcy Professor of German; Chair of German

C. Rhonda Cobham-Sander

Emily C. Jordan Folger Professor of Black Studies and English (On Leave 1/1/2017 - 6/30/2017)

Francis G. Couvares

E. Dwight Salmon Professor of History and American Studies

Lawrence R. Douglas

James J. Grosfeld Professor of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought (On Leave 1/1/2017 - 6/30/2017)

Thomas L. Dumm

William H. Hastie '25 Professor of Political Science

Wendy T. Ewald

Visiting Artist-In-Residence

Bryn I. Geffert

Librarian of the College

Jyl Gentzler

William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Writing Center, Director of the Teaching and Learning Collaborative, and Humanist Advisor

Stephen A. George

The Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences, Emeritus (Biology and Neuroscience)

Miriam R. Goheen

Professor of Anthropology and Black Studies (On Leave 1/1/2017 - 6/30/2017)

Amy C. Hall

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Allen J. Hart

James E. Ostendarp Professor of Psychology

Robert T. Hayashi

Associate Professor of American Studies; Chair of American Studies

Jerome L. Himmelstein

Winthrop H. Smith 1916 Professor of Sociology; Chair of Anthropology and Sociology

Molly Mead

Lecturer in American Studies

Jill S. Miller

Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Patricia B. O'Hara

Amanda and Lisa Cross Professor of Chemistry

Jonathan M. Obert

Asst Prof of Political Science

Andrew Poe

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Pooja G. Rangan

Assistant Professor of English in Film and Media Studies

David I. Ratner

Alfred Sargent Lee '41 and Mary Farley Ames Lee Professor of Biology

Sean Redding

Zephaniah Swift Moore Professor of History; Chair of History

Christian Rogowski

G. Armour Craig Professor in Language and Literature In the Department of German

Catherine M. Sanchez

Senior Writing Associate

Benigno R. Sanchez-Eppler

Lecturer in English

Austin D. Sarat

William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science; Associate Dean of the Faculty

Nishiten Shah

Professor of Philosophy

Natasha Staller

Professor of the History of Art

April D. Trask

Visiting Assistant Professor of History

Christopher S. van den Berg

Associate Professor of Classics; Chair of Classics

Boris Wolfson

Associate Professor of Russian; Chair of Russian

Amelia S. Worsley

Assistant Professor of English