Courses in French

Spring 2008

FREN-01 Elementary French

Raina F. Uhden (Sections 01, 02, 03 and 04)

FREN-03 Intermediate French

Raina F. Uhden (Sections 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 06)

FREN-05 Language and Literature

FREN-07 Intro French Lit & Cult

Jay L. Caplan (Section 01)
Leah D. Hewitt (Section 02)

FREN-08 French Conversation

Laure A. Katsaros (Section 01)
Paul V. Rockwell (Section 02)

FREN-27 Humanism/The Renaissance

Paul V. Rockwell (Section 01)

FREN-39 Worldlnss/Otherworldlnss

FREN-43 Scandalous French Artists

Laure A. Katsaros (Section 01)

FREN-51 French Cultural Studies

Leah D. Hewitt (Section 01)

FREN-61 European Film

Jay L. Caplan (Section 01)

FREN-63 3 Mastrpieces of Fren Lit

Ronald C. Rosbottom (Section 01)