French Faculty

Laure A. Katsaros

Professor of French

Paul V. Rockwell

Henry C. Folger 1879 Professor of French

Raphaël Sigal

Assistant Professor of French

Raina F. Uhden

Senior Lecturer in French

Contributing Faculty

Anouk Alquier

Visiting Lecturer in French

Ronald C. Rosbottom

Winifred L. Arms Professor in the Arts and Humanities and Professor of French and European Studies (On Leave 7/1/2016 - 12/31/2016)

Rachel S. Tapley

Visiting Lecturer in French

Emeritus Faculty

Jay L. Caplan

Professor of French, Emeritus

Leah D. Hewitt

Professor of French, Emerita

Aida Y. Nawar

Senior Lecturer in French, Emerita


Elizabeth A. Eddy

Academic Department Coordinator