The French House — Newport

The French House is an academic theme house that is located in Newport on the Amherst College campus. Although residents and French-speaking guests are required to speak French to each other while in the House, residency is open to francophones of all levels of ability. The department's teaching assistants live in Newport with the French House residents.

Newport HouseEach year the French House hosts a variety of cultural and social events which are open to all francophones and francophiles on campus. These have included, among other things, screenings of French films, a jazz festival, and weekly social gatherings. Special events to be held in the French House will be announced here as well as in the Amherst Notes.

Applications for residency are normally gathered by the department during the first two weeks of March. Priority for admission is given to French majors. If vacancies become available during the academic year, they are announced in the Amherst Notes.

Additional information including the application is available at: 


Barrett Hall