Study Away for French Majors

Up to four courses taken in an approved study abroad program may count toward the eight required courses for the French major (see About the Major and this list of approved programs). Credit toward the major is normally approved for courses in French literature and civilization that are taught in French.The Department has traditionally interpreted the term civilization broadly to include courses in French history, linguistics, art history, film, philosophy, literary and cultural theory, and interdisciplinary studies that concern primarily Francophone culture.In addition, certain courses taken abroad in the social sciences may also count toward the major on condition that their primary focus is on some aspect of French culture and that they are taught in French. Courses taken abroad may count toward the two required courses in French literature and culture before the nineteenth century.In all cases, French majors who study abroad and wish to count their courses toward the major must have their official course selections approved by their French Department advisor (via email) once they are abroad, but before they have actually enrolled in their classes.

Credits counted toward the French major can be distinct from College Credit that is counted toward the Amherst College degree. In some instances courses taken abroad are approved by the College’s Registrar for degree credit, even if they do not count toward the French major.An example of this might be a student who, while abroad, took a Math course that was approved for College credit by the Registrar or a course in a foreign language other than French.