Upcoming Events

French Table:

French Table will meet on Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. on the Mezzaninie in Valentine Dining Hall. Join your French Language Assistants for casual conversation in French. French speakers of all levels are welcome!

Past Lectures:

"The Histoire mémorable between News and History:
Framing Accounts of Current Events in the French Wars of Religion"
Thursday, March 5, 2020
4:30 P.M.
Alumni House

Andrea Frisch, Professor of French at the University of Maryland, gave the biennial lecture in a lecture series in honor of Professor Jay Caplan, who taught for 30 years in the French Department at Amherst College. Her talk was titled  "The Histoire  mémorable between News & History: Framing Accounts of Current Events in the French Wars of Religion." The lecture was given in English, and took place in the Alumni House on the Amherst College campus.
Professor Frisch is a distinguished scholar of early modern French literature and has published extensively on historiography and memory, especially in the context of the French Wars of Religion (1562-1598) and their aftermath. Her current scholarship, which also informed her lecture at Amherst College, extends her examination of the notions of testimony, memorability and the memorable to a wider European context. This event was sponsored by the Amherst College French Department, The Georges Lurcy Lecture Series at Amherst, and the Turgeon Fund. The lecture series was made possible by the generous donations of French Department alumni offered in honor of Professor Caplan.

"Of Monsters and Women:
Collecting Japanese Art in Nineteenth-Century Paris"
Monday, February 17, 2020
4:30 P.M.
Fayerweather 117

Professor Elizabeth Emery spoke about the Paris Musée d'Ennery, its collections, and its history before teasing out some of the complicated social factors - among them class, gender, religion, and nationalism - that led to the museum's marginalization as a cultural institution.
Elizabeth Emery, Professor of French at Montclair State University, has a number of publications including her forthcoming Reframing Japonisme: Women and the Asian Art Market in Nineteenth-Century France (1853-1914), due out this spring.
This lecture was co-sponsored by the Departments of French, Asian Languages and Civilizations, the Georges Lurcy Lecture Fund Series at Amherst, and the Corliss Lamont Lectureship for a Peaceful World.