Previous Lectures and Events

Co-sponsored large events:

1991 ICLS Conference (International Courtly Literature Society/co-hosted with UMASS)

1998 International Colloquium on Contemporary French and Francophone Studies (with Five Colleges)

Individual Speakers from 1987 to present:

Victor Brombert, "The Prison Symbol in Stnedhal, Dickens and Dostoevsky"

Ora Avni, "Silence et vérité chez Louis René Des Forets"

Martine Reid, "Stendhal en peinture"

Josué Harari, "In the beginning...A reading of Balzac's Unknown Masterpiece"

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, "Heidegger, Art and Politics"

Louis Marin, "Frames and Framing: From the Trecento to Frank Stella"

Theodore Norton, "Habermas's Notion of Public Life" (class lecture)

Daniel Poirion, "Rhetoric and Reality in the late Middle Ages: Jehan de Saintré, François Villon, Charles d'Orléans"

Jacqueline Cerquiligni, "La Cour amoureuse: Rite du désir et amour des signes"

Lucien Dällenbach, "Claude Simon: Mirorirs, récit, histoire"

Sydney Lévy, "Francis Ponge et les mathématiques"

Thomas Kavanagh, "Enlightenment and the Shadows of Chance"

Judith P. Butler, "Sex/Gender and the Shape of Politics"

Sandy Petrey, "Speech Acts and Literary Theory: Austin vs Derrida"

Pierre Saint-Amand, "Ethique de la Parure: Maupassant, La Parure"

Avital Ronell, "Opera and Technology: Finitude's Score"

Peter Brooks, "Invasions of Privacy: The Body in the Novel"

Elspeth Kennedy, "The Scribe as Editor"

Claude Thomasset, "Medicine in the Middle Ages"

Thomas Kavanagh, "Probability Theory and Chance in the Enlightenment"

Linda Orr, "Post-Revolutionary Syndrome: Stael, Michelet, Tocqueville"

Michael Zink, "The Perceval by Chrétien de Troyes"

Lynn Higgins, "Seeing vs Believing: Cinema, Collaboration and Self-Representation in the 80's"

Howard Bloch, "New Philologies in Medieval Studies"

Wilda Anderson, "Constructing a Terrorist Discourse"

C. Jon Delogu, "Todorov on the Fantastic and de Man on Lyric Poetry: Twin Reefs"

Daniel Poirion, "La Théâtralité du Roman Médiéval"

Kevin Brownlee, "Literary Genealogy and the Problem of the Father: Christine de Pizan and Dante"

Georgiana Colville, "Magic Mirrors: The Self-Portraits of Frida Kahlo"

Avital Ronell, "The Telephone Book"

Milad Doueihi, "The Politics of Simplicity"

Giulia Sissa, "Tetaphysics under the Microscope: Experiments on Spontaneous Generation"

Suzanne Guerlac, "The Myth of Prose: Reading Writing in Sartre's What is Literature?"

Chantal Thomas, "Marie-Antoinette, la dernière reine: Eléments d'une mythologie"

François Roustang, "Michaux L'Anonyme"

Ann Smock, "Sylvan Voices: Louis-René Des Forêts"

Leo Bersani, "Sadism and Film: Freud and Resnais"

Jerry Flieger, "Someone to Watch Over Me: The Politics of Post-Modernism, Paranoia and the Hypervisible"

Lionel Gossman, "The Sulking Corner of Europe: Anti-Modernism in 19th- Century Basel"

Maryse Condé, "The Journey Home: Itinerary of a Guadeloupean Writer"

Mitchell Greenberg, "Psychoanalytic Dimensions of the Baroque"

Ross Chambers, "Autobiography and Illness"

Michel Zink, "Froissart et le Temps"

Naomi Shor, "The Crisis of French Universalism" (in conjunction with the 20th-Century French Studies Conference)

Jacques Renard, "Blanche et Marie"

Jeffrey Stanley, "For Honor Alone: History into Drama"

Douglas Kelly, "Apo Koinou, Aging, and Private Reading of the Romance of the Rose"

Carlyn Saltman, "Kofi chez les Français"

J. Michael Dash, "Resiting Resistance: Francophone Caribbean Literature and the Fin de Siecle"

Marcus Cruse, "Medieval manuscript Culture"

David Hult, "Alain Chartier's Belle Dame sans mercy"

Michel Zink, ""Le poète et le prophète dans la littérature médiévale"

Jean-Michel Maulpoix, "What About Poetry"

Jean-Marie Goulemot, "Voltaire et la laïcité"

Richard Stamelman, "The Mystery of Perfume in French Culture"

Johann Sadock, "Au-delà due regard: rencontres multiethniques"

Kevin Newmark, "Why Poetry Matters: Baudelaire's Future Perfect"

Richard J. Golsan, "The Literary Vichy Syndrome: Repetitions, Provocations, Innovations"

Maurice Olender, "The Passion for Origins: From Language to Nation"

Jean-Marie Teno, Le Mariage d' Alex and Vacances au pays.

Peter Brooks, "The Derealization of Self:  Rousseau, Freud, Proust"

Jean-Philippe Mathy, "The Debate on Affirmative Action in France"

Zineb Ali Benali, "Les femmes d'Algérie et les transformations de la société entre Code de la famille et patriarcat"

Keith Busby, "Tales from the Edge:  French Arthurian Romance and the Celt Belt"

Sarah Kay, " The Nightingales' Way.  French Poetry in Jean Renart's Guillaume de Dole"

Sara Kippur, "The Denial of Self Translation"

Katherine Kolb, "Balzac's Fifth Symphony"

Norris Lacy, "Arthurian Romance and the Parallax Effect"

Pierre Frantz, "Rousseau: Haine du théâtre?"

Martine Guyot-Bender, "Art and Reality in Social Film Documentary: Who is Filming? Who is Talking? Who is Watching?"

Janet Beizer, "Talking About Food"

Richard J. Golsan, "Memories Divided and Reconciled? Reflections on Summer 2014: Remembering WWI and WWII in France Today"

Lynn A. Higgins, "Getting from page to Screen: 39 Fragments for a Theory of Adaptation"

Deborah T. Long, "Participation Not Invention: The Medieval Model of Writing and Its Purpose Presented by Chrétien de Troyes in Le Conte du Graal"


The French Department contributed to the following events:

Lecture given by Sada Niang @ Mt. Holyoke College

Lecture given by Lynn Hunt @ Hampshire College, "The Many Bodies of Marie Antoinette"

Lecture given by Robert Aulotte @ Smith College, "La pensée religieuse de Montaigne"

Lecture given by Michèle Perret @ UMASS

Lecture given by André Jamme @ Smith College

Lecture given by Michael Marrus @ Amherst College, "Scholom Schwartzbard and the Assassin's Quest for Justice: Historical and Practical Dilemmas"

Lecture given by Maryse Condé and Richard Philcox @ Smith College, "Intimate Enemies: A conversation Between and Author and Her Translator"


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