Geology Faculty

Edward S. Belt
Samuel A. Hitchcock Professor in Mineralogy and Geology, Emeritus
John T. Cheney
Samuel A. Hitchcock Professor of Mineralogy and Geology, Associate Dean of the Faculty.
Peter D. Crowley
Professor of Geology/Director of the Museum of Natural History.; Chair of Geology
Tekla A. Harms
Massachusetts Professor in Chemistry and Natural History (Geology)
David S. Jones
Assistant Professor of Geology
Anna M. Martini
Professor of Geology Co-Chair of Environmental Studies

Affiliated Faculty

Margery C. Coombs
Adjunct Professor of Geology

Contributing Faculty

Martin A. Medina Elizalde
Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology


Jacqueline L. Newberry
Academic Department Coordinator
William R. Slocombe
Geology & Museum of Natural History Technician

Plate tectonics - 600 mya to present