Field Camp

Chug Gympsum

Geology field camp is an integral part of a student’s geology experience. At field camp, students spend 5-6 weeks outdoors, learning to interpret the geologic history and structure of natural environments. Geology majors at Amherst are encouraged to attend any field camp. Two excellent camps that many Amherst students have attended are:

***Please note that the YBRA field camp has two sessions - depsite the description on the above PDF brochure, both sessions are _IDENTICAL_. Amherst students should thus sign up for whichever session best fits their summer schedule. Don't worry about the prerequisites or level of the course - they will both be the same.  They should also opt to pay the lower of the two course fees.  If you have questions, please see Peter Crowley for details. 

Financial support may available from a variety of sources. Contact Peter Crowley or click one of the above links for application details.

Photo courtesy of Maria Honeycutt