Students pursuing a geology major will:

  • Examine complex systems over the wide range of temporal and spatial scales encompassed by the earth sciences
  • Develop scientific methods of data collection and analysis and of formulating and testing hypotheses.  Conduct investigations with modern analytical methods and instruments
  • Understand and apply the technical literature; use geological literature to expand understanding, to find relevant information, to participate in the growth of knowledge and to know its limits
  • Apply quantitative reasoning and logic to problem solving; become proficient in spatial reasoning through, among other means, use of geologic maps and cross-sections
  • Work directly with earth materials: minerals, rocks, fossils and water, and have hands-on experience with the earth in the field and laboratory
  • Be exposed to the importance of interdisciplinary approaches
  • Participate in collaborative problem solving
  • Develop the oral, written, and graphical skills necessary for the effective presentation of scientific studies