For those of you new to the concept, TGiRx (“Thank Goodness its Rocks”) is a very informal, come-as-you-are, weekly gathering of Geology-minded students (like yourself) and faculty.  Each week one or more students gives a brief (10-15 minutes at the most) talk on a summer activity, field experience, internship, or research project that they were involved with during the summer of 2014 or will be involved with during academic year 2014-15.  With or without accompanying digital images, rock samples, or interpretive music and dance (!).  Those of us in the audience indulge in some sweet treat (think pie, ice cream, and food of that sort) during the presentation.  Discussion ensues.  All are welcome and all should set aside the time to attend!

Traditionally, we start by hearing from Geology senior majors who introduce their senior research projects.  But we also want to hear from anyone and everyone who was engaged in any sort of summer activity (paid or unpaid, academic or touristic, here or abroad).  Send me back an email telling me what you did this summer so I can integrate you into the program! (Seriously.  Do this now.)

Preliminary schedule for this fall is as follows:

  • Sept 26 - Geology Senior Research: Tom E. & Rainer L.

  • Oct 3 - Geology Senior Research: Matt G. & Bob G.
  • Oct 17 - Geology Senior Research: Amar M. & Nora G.
  • Oct 24 - Non-Geology Senior Research: Miao L.
  • Oct 31 -  Five College Rio Grande Field Trip: Araceli A., Miao L., Lindsey P.

                        Nevada Fieldwork: Annie T. & Alina deC.

  • Nov 7 - Summer Internships in Earth Science-related fields
  • Nov 14 - Summer Internships in Environmental & Ecology fields
  • Nov 21 - Summer Internships in Medicine-related fields
  • Dec 5  - Indiana University Field Camp: Brian B., Araceli, A., & Sam C.

If you see your name listed here for a date or time when you cannot be present – please let me know immediately!

Suggestions for food are welcome, please let Diane Hutton know if you have any special dietary needs.