The Consulate General Prize for Academic Achievement in German Literature,  by the Boston Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, is awarded to that student who, in the judgment of the Department of German, has written the best paper as part of a German course.

Recent Winners

2022/23 Ryder Coates, Andres De La Torre
2021/22 Helen Harrington
2020/21 Xinyi Zhao
2019/20 Hobart "Ross" Hirzel
2018/19 Gregory Carroll, Logan Seymour
2017/18 Patrick Williams
2016/17 Katerina von Campe, Gregory Carroll
2015/16 Meryem Nur Yazir
2014/15 Kathleen Hurt, Daniel Navas
2013/14 Luca Antonucci
2012/13 Zachary Bleemer
2011/12 Afua Nti
2010/11 Sam Huneke
2009/10 William E. Braun,  Max Kaisler
2008/09 Suzanne Hulick
2007/08 James Montana
2006/07  Emilie Friedlander
2005/06 Maxwell Prior
2004/05 Atanas Radionov
2003/04 Ethan Greene, Gregory Hedin
2002/03 Hilary Plum
2001/02 Emma Seidler, Eric Vennemeyer
2000/01 Jeremy Basescu, Ania Wieckowski
1999/00 Christina Sch├╝tz, Andrea Chase
1998/99 Henry Jacobson
1997/98 Nathan Hartshorn
1996/97 Jarko Cain, Angiras Arya
1995/96 Goran Tkalec
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