The Consulate General Prize for German Studies is made available by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Boston and is awarded to that junior or senior who, in the judgment of the Department of German, has made a superior contribution to any aspect of German Studies at Amherst College.

Recent Winners

2018/19 Andreas Gilpin-Falk
2017/18 Ryan McMillan
2016/17 Mujin Choi 
2015/16 Miriam Ferede
2014/15 Caroline Katba
2013/14 Mark Boyer, Julia Vrtilek
2012/13 Holda Anagho
2011/12 Katherine Hillenbrand, Rebecca Kelley
2010/11 Nathan Thomas, Cianna Wyshnytzky
2009/10 Rachel Johnson
2008/09 Antonina Sánchez
2007/08 Andrea Kahn, Alison Wahl
2006/07 Anna Mari Lone, Octavia Foarta
2005/06 James Montana
2004/05 Wendy Mejia
2003/04 Colin Lindsay
2002/03 Miguel Gonzalez
2001/02 Andrew Foss
2000/01 David Nuss
1999/00 Peter Kupfer
1998/99 Ema Vyroubalova
1997/98 Alma David
1996/97 Julia Kupfer
1995/96 Nathan Hartshorn