Courses in German

Spring 2009

GERM-02 Elementary German II

Sigrit I. Schutz [d] (Sections 01 and 02)

GERM-10 Advanced Composition and Conversation

Heidi Gilpin (Section 01)

GERM-14 Advanced Reading, Conversation, and Style II

Sigrit I. Schutz [d] (Section 01)

GERM-16 German Cultural History from 1800 to the Present

Ute Brandes (Section 01)

GERM-38 Modern Drama

Christian Rogowski (Section 01)

GERM-52 Kafka, Brecht, and Thomas Mann

Ute Brandes (Section 01)

GERM-65 Making Memorials

Heidi Gilpin (Section 01)