Courses in German

Spring 2019

GERM-101 Elementary German I

Victoria I. Rizo Lenshyn (Section 01)

GERM-102 Elementary German II

Anna K Schrade (Sections 01 and 02)

GERM-205 Intermediate German

Anna K Schrade (Section 01)

GERM-210 Advanced Composition and Conversation

Heidi Gilpin (Section 01)

GERM-316 German Cultural History from 1800 to the Present

Ute Brandes (Section 01)

GERM-338 Modern Drama

Christian Rogowski (Section 01)

GERM-351 Vienna—City of Music

Christian Rogowski (Section 01)
David E. Schneider (Section 01)

GERM-364 Architectures of Disappearance

Heidi Gilpin (Section 01)