German Film Series, Spring 2019

                                                           Amherst College Department of German Presents
                                                                                The German Film Series
                                                                                          Spring 2019

                                            Poster pic-Spring 2019 German Film Series

                                          Thursdays at 4:00 and 7:30 pm, Stirn Auditorium, Amherst College
                                                                      (in German with English subtitles)

February 7:  Kebab Connection (Anno Saul, 2004; 96 min.)
Hip-hop fan Ibrahim aspires to make the first German Kung-Fu movie. Things get complicated in this zany multicultural comedy when his Turkish family finds out his German girlfriend is pregnant, he encounters a bunch of extortionist gangsters, and he gets caught up in the competition between his parents’ kebab place and the Greek restaurant across the street. 

February 21: Mahler auf der Couch (Mahler on the Couch; Percy and Felix Adlon, 2010; 105 min.)
Experimental drama that imaginatively reconstructs a real encounter between two giants of fin-de-siècle Viennese culture: in the summer of 1910, composer Gustav Mahler traveled to Leyden in the Netherlands, to seek help with his troubled marriage to Alma – from none other than Sigmund Freud.

March 7: Das Wunder von Bern (The Miracle of Bern; Sönke Wortmann, 2003; 118 min.)
Touching family drama set against the backdrop of the famous soccer World Cup of 1954: a father returning from POW camp in the Soviet Union finds it hard to adjust to the new realities and to win the trust and love of his 11-year-old son.

April 4: Die Unsichtbaren (The Invisibles; Claus Räfle, 2017; 110 min.)
In 1943, four young Jewish people go into hiding in Berlin. Mixing reenactments and interviews, this riveting film tells the story of their miraculous survival against seemingly impossible odds.
Afternoon screening shown in conjunction with the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival.

April 18: Beuys (Andres Veiel; 105 min.)
Award-winning documentary portrait of Joseph Beuys (1921-1986), who emerged from the trauma of World War II as West Germany’s most influential and controversial artist and pedagogue.