German Film Series ~ Spring 2020

   German Film Series Spring 2020  

Thursdays at 4:00 and 7:30 pm, Stirn Auditorium, Amherst College (in German with English subtitles)
Please note that the film on March 26th, Das alte Gesetz (The Ancient Law), will only be shown one time, at 4:00pm.                                                                                         

February 6: M (Fritz Lang, 1930; 117 min.)
Acclaimed director Fritz Lang’s first sound film and classic Weimar era thriller: suspense reaches fever pitch as a notorious serial killer (Peter Lorre) terrorizes the big city to the point where the police and a crime syndicate conduct parallel campaigns to catch the criminal.

February 20: Goethe! (Young Goethe in Love, Philipp Stölzl, 2010; 104 min.)
Fictional romantic biopic starring Alexander Fehling as the young Goethe, struggling as an aspiring poet. When working as an assistant at a law court, he falls hopelessly in love with a young woman, who is already engaged, triggering events that provided the inspiration of Goethe’s first international success, the novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774).

March 5: Gundermann (Andreas Dresen, 2018; 127 min.)
Gripping portrait of the legendary East German singer-songwriter Gerhard Gundermann (brilliantly played by Alexander Scheer). While successful as a composer and performer, Gundermann kept his job in a lignite mine, and his outspoken insistence on personal freedom and criticism of authorities made him run afoul with the communist regime. Yet there are some dark secrets in his life that emerge after the unification of Germany that he struggles to come to terms with.

CANCELLED ~ March 26: Special Event ~ Das alte Gesetz (The Ancient Law, E. A. Dupont, 1923; 128 min.)
*This film will be shown one time, at 4:00 pm.
Silent film drama about a young Jewish man who leaves the world of the shtetl to fulfil his dream of becoming an actor at Vienna’s prestigious Burgtheater. Digitally restored in 2018. Live musical accompaniment by Donald Sosin and Alicia Svigals; introduction and Q & A with Dr. Cynthia Walk, UC San Diego. The screening with live music, in conjunction with the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival, is made possible through the generous support of the Sunrise Foundation for Education and the Arts.

CANCELLED ~ April 16: Das schweigende Klassenzimmer (The Silent Revolution, Lars Kraume; 111 min.)
Historical drama based on real incidents: in 1956, some high school students from an East German city visit (still undivided) West Berlin, where they find out about the brutal suppression of the Hungarian uprising against communism. A spontaneous demonstration of sympathy and solidarity in school leads to a clash with authorities, and an escalation of conflicts with unforeseen political and personal consequences for them all.