CDS: EMGIP (Émigré Memorial German Internship Program) - Landestag

The Émigré Memorial German Internship Program - German State Parliaments (EMGIP) is a fellowship program that provides American and Canadian students the opportunity to intern at the Landtage - German State Parliaments. This is a great opportunity for individuals hoping to pursue careers at a regional level of government in the US or Canada, or who are interested in specific policy issues such as the environment, education and/or healthcare. Participants on the program gain practical work experience with a state parliament, utilize their German skills and experience German culture firsthand. For students interested in interning at the federal level, please visit the website for the Émigré Memorial German Internship Program - Bundestag administered by the DAAD.

The EMGIP program runs three times a year - fall, spring and early summer - for one to three months, depending on elections, holiday schedules and state offices' preferences. While participants have some flexibility as to when they would like to do their internships, late summer and the winter holiday season are not feasible.

EMGIP candidates must be able to fully communicate in German and should be majoring or have majored in fields that relate to the work of German Landtage. Examples include international relations, public administration, political science, law, economics, European Studies or German with a minor in any of the aforementioned fields. A committee will review the applications. American participants are eligible to receive a stipend of up to €500/month for the program through the CDS International Scholarship Fund. Canadian participants may receive stipends through a Landtag, though this cannot be guaranteed. 

There is no application fee to this program. Candidates who are accepted will be required to pay a $300 administration fee. Further information on the program and the application process can be found in the Program Overview.