DAAD: Program for German-speaking Journalism Students

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is pleased to inform students across the United States about an exciting new program for German-speaking journalism students. In summer 2008 we will launch new summer internship program in Berlin for American journalism students. Scholarships will be awarded to 20 students enrolled in a school of journalism or majoring in a journalism-related field and have at least "advanced intermediate" German language skills to take part in this structured 11-week study/internship program in Germany. DAAD would be delighted and grateful if you could help us spread awareness of this program among your German language students who are also majoring in journalism or a related field.

The program consists of two complementary segments. For the first six weeks, participants will expand their academic understanding of the politics, society and culture of Germany, and the country's current social conditions and media scene. With these theoretical building blocks in place, participants will do a week of project work with journalism students from the Independent States of the former Soviet Union and subsequently embark on an intensive four-week internship with a German newspaper, magazine or radio station. A complete program schedule is available on the program website given below.

The 40 applicants who are invited to a selection interview in New York City (around early March) will receive up to 300 Euros toward the cost of their flight to the interview location.

The 20 applicants who are finally selected for the program will be awarded a monthly stipend of 650 Euros for the duration of their stay in Germany. DAAD will also provide participants a partial travel subsidy of approximately 350 Euros towards the cost of international transportation to Germany; travel costs not covered by the partial subsidy must be paid by the individual program participants themselves. DAAD will also provide health and accident insurance.

To find out about eligibility and the application requirements, please click here.