Through critical exploration of the past, our students and faculty interpret, evaluate and craft narratives that recover lost lives and illuminate how and why societies change over time.

Congratulations to Professor Jen Manion!

Book cover of Female Husbands A Trans History by Jen Manion

2021 Finalist for the Organization of American Historians Lawrence W. Levine Award

Professor Manion's book, Female Husbands: A Trans History, was a finalist for the 2021 Organization of American Historians Lawrence W. Levine Award for best book in American cultural history.

Lawrence W. Levine Award

Our courses provoke independent and creative thought. Through a close evaluation of diverse evidence, students learn to generate and defend original arguments, to evaluate and contribute to scholarly conversations, and to reflect on the relationship between past and present.

History Department

History Department Prizes

The department awards The Alfred F. Havighurst Prize, The Asa J. Davis Prize, The Fredrick L. Cheyette Prize and The John Petropulos Prize.

A black and white photo of the war memorial with Mount Holyoke in the distance

Memorial Hill 2020

See photos of Amherst College students, faculty, staff and alumni as part of Memorial Hill 2020, a photography project by Assistant Professor George Qiao, Haoran Tong ’23 and Kalea Ramsey ’23 recording the college community during COVID-19.