Honors Requirements

The Department recommends Latin Honors for seniors who have achieved distinction in their course work and who have completed a thesis of Honors quality. Students who are candidates for Latin Honors will normally take two courses, History 498 and History 499, in addition to the courses required of all majors. With the approval of the thesis advisor, a student may take either History 498 or History 499 as a double course. In special cases, and with the approval of the entire Department, a student may be permitted to devote more than three courses to his or her thesis.

Honors Program: Class of 2016

Class of 2016

Chen, Shiyan (Nancy). "Not a Day Goes by without this Gentleman:" A History of Bamboo in China. Advisor: Edward D. Melillo. Winner of the 2016 Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Hart, Samuel T. On Mass Incarceration in the United States and Australia between 1960 and 2016. Advisor: Sean Redding.

Judge, Doyle P. History and Modern State of Veteran Care in America. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Kiley, Margaret D. (Maggie). The Devolution of the Connecticut Death Penalty from 1960 to Present Day: A Lens into the Institution of Capital Punishment in the United States.  Advisor: Vanessa Walker (Fall) / Frank G. Couvares (Spring).

Konijnenberg, Rebecca C. The United States and the League of Nations from 1919 until 1925: A Story of Unilateralism in the Aftermath of the League Fight. Advisor: Vanessa Walker.

Mardeusz, Elizabeth H. (Liz). From Ashes, "Absence:" American Collective Memory, Identity, and the National September 11 Memorial. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

McEvoy, Theresa J. (Tessa). Reconstructing Iona: Tourism, the Celtic Revival and British Identity in the 19th Century. Advisor: Jun Hee Cho (Fall) / Ellen R. Boucher (Spring).

Revery, Chloe A. The Digital Shuffle: The Development of Software for the Space Shuttle, 1970-1979. Advisor: John W. Servos.

Robertson, Ericka N. Amherst College, Doshisha University, and the Evolution of Private Western Influence in Japan from the 1920s to the 1950s. Advisor: Vanessa Walker.

Rose, Abigail H. The Triumph and Failure of Lyndon Johnson: The Balancing Act of Domestic and Foreign Policy in 1964. Advisor: Vanessa Walker.

Shahmehri, Demetrius Q. Robert Musil's Critique of Ideology, 1919-1923. Advisor: Adi Gordon. Winner of the 2016 Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Stein, Jason E. We'll be Back for the Next Half-Inning after the Commercial Break: Media, Technology and Change in Major League Baseball from Radio to Cord-Cutting. Advisor: Trent E. Maxey.

Strickler, Travis L. Omar Bradley: The Allies' Unsung General. Advisor: Kevin M. Sweeney.

Teyie, Alexis. The Gospel of the Camera: Picture Postcards Published by Missionaries in Colonial Kenya, 1900-1940. Advisor: Sean Redding. Winner of the 2016 Asa J. Davis Prize.

Woodard, Vanessa V. Chains Not Yet Broken: The Separate Legacies of Indigenous Forced Labor and African Slavery in Columbian Society.  Advisor: Rick A. Lopez.