Courses in History

Fall 2009

HIST-02 Europe in the Nineteenth Century: The Making of the Modern World, 1789-1914

Michal Shapira (Section 01)

HIST-03 Europe in the Twentieth Century

Catherine A. Epstein (Sections 01 and 02)

HIST-04 Early Modern Europe

Margaret R. Hunt (Section 01)

HIST-10 Twentieth-Century America

Francis G. Couvares (Section 01)

HIST-15 Chinese Civilization to 1800

Jerry P. Dennerline (Section 01)

HIST-17 Japanese History to 1700

Trent E. Maxey (Section 01)

HIST-20 The Modern Middle East: 1800-Present

Monica M. Ringer (Section 01)

HIST-27 Global Environmental History of the Twentieth Century

Edward D. Melillo (Section 01)

HIST-32 The Era of the French Revolution

Robert J. Bezucha (Section 01)

HIST-42 Afro-Am Hist Recon-Prsnt

Hilary J. Moss (Section 01)

HIST-48 Historical Perspectives on Criminal Justice and the U.S. Economy

Martha Saxton (Section 01)

HIST-49 Case Studies in American Diplomacy

N. Gordon Levin (Section 01)
Pavel Machala (Section 01)

HIST-52 The Caribbean

Jane Rausch (Section 01)

HIST-57 China in the World, 1895-1919

Jerry P. Dennerline (Section 01)

HIST-68 Science and Society in Modern America

John W. Servos (Section 01)

HIST-72 The History of Childhood

Michal Shapira (Section 01)

HIST-75 Seminar on Modern European History

Robert J. Bezucha (Section 01)

HIST-83 The Era of the American Revolution

Kevin M. Sweeney (Section 01)

HIST-91 Commodities, Nature and Society

Edward D. Melillo (Section 01)

HIST-93 Seminar on Middle Eastern History: Modern Turkey--Modern Iran: From Authoritarian Modernization to Islamic Resistance

Monica M. Ringer (Section 01)

HIST-99 Proseminar in History: Writing the Past

Catherine A. Epstein (Section 01)

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AMST-11 The American Dream (Course not offered this semester.)
RELI-45 History of Christianity--The Early Years (Course not offered this semester.)