Courses in History

Spring 2014

HIST-101 World War II in Global Perspective

Catherine A. Epstein (Section 04)
Trent E. Maxey (Section 02)
Kevin M. Sweeney (Section 03)

HIST-104 Environmental Issues of the Nineteenth Century

Edward D. Melillo (Section 01)

HIST-120 The World of Medieval Europe

Jesse W. Torgerson (Section 01)

HIST-155 Twentieth-Century America

Francis G. Couvares (Section 01)

HIST-157 The U.S. in the World: 1898 to the Present

Vanessa Walker (Section 01)

HIST-174 Introduction to Modern South Asian History

Dwaipayan Sen (Section 01)

HIST-181 Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa

Sean Redding (Section 01)

HIST-235 Stalin and Stalinism

Sergey Glebov (Section 01)

HIST-263 Struggles for Democracy in Modern Latin America, 1820 to the Present

Rick A. Lopez (Section 01)

HIST-301 Proseminar in History: Writing the Past

Sean Redding (Section 01)

HIST-319 Religion, Empires, and Secular States in the Nineteenth Century

Trent E. Maxey (Section 01)
Monica M. Ringer (Section 01)

HIST-323 Travel in the Middle Ages

Jesse W. Torgerson (Section 01)

HIST-355 Topics in African American History: Race and Educational Opportunity in America

Hilary J. Moss (Section 01)

HIST-375 Subaltern Studies: History from Below

Nusrat S. Chowdhury (Section 01)
Dwaipayan Sen (Section 01)

HIST-402 Wine, History and the Environment

Rick A. Lopez (Section 01)
Anna M. Martini (Section 01)

HIST-410 History of the Pacific World, 1898-Present

Edward D. Melillo (Section 01)

HIST-438 Topics in European History: The Politics of Memory in Twentieth-Century Europe

Catherine A. Epstein (Section 01)

HIST-459 America and Vietnam

Vanessa Walker (Section 01)

Related Courses

AMST-317 History of Puerto Rico:  Colony, Nation, Diaspora (Course not offered this semester.)
AMST-468 Research Methods in American Culture (Course not offered this semester.)
CLAS-133 History of Rome: Origins and Republic (Course not offered this semester.)
RELI-275 History of Christianity--The Early Years (Course not offered this semester.)