Courses in History

Spring 2017

HIST-124 Europe in Transition, 1350-1750

Jun Hee Cho (Section 01)

HIST-130 World War I

Ellen R. Boucher (Section 01)

HIST-155 Twentieth-Century America

Francis G. Couvares (Section 01)

HIST-162 History of Sexuality in the U.S.

Jen Manion (Section 01)

HIST-174 Introduction to Modern South Asian History

Dwaipayan Sen (Section 01)

HIST-209 ≠ (Inequality)

Michael C. Ching (Section 01)
Hilary J. Moss (Section 01)

HIST-212 Disease and Doctors: An Introduction to the History of Western Medicine

John W. Servos (Section 01)

HIST-220 Art, Politics, and Propaganda in Modern Europe

April D. Trask (Section 01)

HIST-224 The Century of Sex: Gender and Sexual Politics in Modern Europe

April D. Trask (Section 01)

HIST-239 Segregated America

Alec F. Hickmott (Section 01)

HIST-240 The Last Russian Revolution: State and Society from the Late Soviet Period to the Present

Sergey Glebov (Section 01)

HIST-258 Political Economy of the Modern Middle East

Steven N. Simon (Section 01)

HIST-265 Environmental History of Latin America

Rick A. Lopez (Section 01)

HIST-283 South African History

Sean Redding (Section 01)

HIST-301 Proseminar in History: Writing the Past

Dwaipayan Sen (Section 01)

HIST-339 A Price for Everything: Making of a Market Society

Jun Hee Cho (Section 01)

HIST-350 Africa/Brazil

Mary E. Hicks (Section 01)

HIST-360 People's History of Revolutionary America

Jen Manion (Section 01)

HIST-362 National Security Decision Making

Steven N. Simon (Section 01)

HIST-374 WWII and Japanese Americans

Franklin S. Odo (Section 01)

HIST-393 Early Islam: Construction of an Historical Tradition

Monica M. Ringer (Section 01)

HIST-488 Riot and Rebellion in Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa

Sean Redding (Section 01)

HIST-493 Turkey: From Ataturk to Erdogan

Monica M. Ringer (Section 01)

Related Courses

AMST-468 Research Methods in American Culture (Course not offered this semester.)
ECON-272 Economic History of the United States, 1865-1965 (Course not offered this semester.)