Courses in History

Fall 2017

HIST-102 World War II in Asia

Trent E. Maxey (Section 01)

HIST-123 Europe in the Middle Ages

Jun Hee Cho (Section 01)

HIST-157 The U.S. in the World: 1898 to the Present

Vanessa Walker (Section 01)

HIST-170 The History of Education in the U.S.

Leah N. Gordon (Section 01)

HIST-181 Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa

Sean Redding (Section 01)

HIST-190 Middle Eastern History: 500-1600

Monica M. Ringer (Section 01)

HIST-210 Christianity and Islam in West Africa

Olufemi O. Vaughan (Section 01)

HIST-215 Geopolitics and American Foreign Policy

N. Gordon Levin (Section 01)
Pavel Machala (Section 01)

HIST-225 The Age of Chivalry, 1000-1500

Jun Hee Cho (Section 01)

HIST-234 Nazi Germany

April D. Trask (Section 01)

HIST-246 Race and American Capitalism: from Slavery to Ferguson

Alec F. Hickmott (Section 01)

HIST-259 U.S. Security Policy in the Middle East

Steven N. Simon (Section 01)

HIST-263 Struggles for Democracy in Modern Latin America, 1820 to the Present

Rick A. Lopez (Section 01)

HIST-264 Introduction to Latin America: Conquest, Colonization and Rebellion

Mary E. Hicks (Section 01)

HIST-272 Gandhi: A Global History of Non-Violence

Dwaipayan Sen (Section 01)

HIST-301 Proseminar in History: Writing the Past

Ellen R. Boucher (Section 01)

HIST-311 African Migrations and Globalization

Olufemi O. Vaughan (Section 01)

HIST-358 The Local and Global 1970s

Hilary J. Moss (Section 01)
Vanessa Walker (Section 01)

HIST-359 Schools, Poverty, and Social Policy in Twentieth-Century America

Leah N. Gordon (Section 01)

HIST-365 Envisioning Freedom

Mary E. Hicks (Section 01)

HIST-414 Therapeutic Transformations: The “Wonder Drugs” and Modern Medicine

John W. Servos (Section 01)

HIST-419 On Nationalism

Adi Gordon (Section 01)

HIST-445 Living the Revolutionary Utopia: Reconfiguring the Russian Empire as the Soviet Union, 1917–1920s

Sergey Glebov (Section 01)

HIST-460 Intelligence and U.S. National Security Policymaking

Steven N. Simon (Section 01)

HIST-474 Anticolonial Nationalism in India

Dwaipayan Sen (Section 01)

HIST-490 Wine/History/Environment

Rick A. Lopez (Section 02)

HIST-492 Inside Iran

Monica M. Ringer (Section 01)

Related Courses

CLAS-124 Roman Civilization (Course not offered this semester.)
ECON-271 Economic History of the United States, 1600-1860 (Course not offered this semester.)