Honors Requirements

The Department recommends Latin Honors for seniors who have achieved distinction in their course work and who have completed a thesis of Honors quality. Students who are candidates for Latin Honors will normally take two courses, History 498 and History 499, in addition to the courses required of all majors. With the approval of the thesis advisor, a student may take either History 498 or History 499 as a double course. In special cases, and with the approval of the entire Department, a student may be permitted to devote more than three courses to his or her thesis.

Honors Program: Class of 2017

Class of 2017

Bean, Cameron. New Atlanta: The Era of Coalition Politics. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Duquette, Audrey M. Taxes and Terrorism: The Development of American Nationalism. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Feng, Siyu (2017E). From Istanbul to Kashgar: Ahmet Kemal's Education Mission to Chinese Turkestan, 1885-1917. Advisor: Monica Ringer. Winner of the 2017 Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Giampa, Jordan. All Men Are Created Equal?: A Local History of the Vietnam War Draft’s Inequalities in Worcester County, Massachusetts. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Green, Yvonne. Ottoman Citizens: Citizenship and National Identity in the Late Ottoman Empire. Advisor: Monica Ringer.

Johnson, Paul S. Politics, Pricing, and Patents: An Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry through the Kefauver Hearings. Advisor: John W. Servos.

Keith, David A. Ameen Rihani and the Development of Arab Secularism Onto and Beyond the Americas. Advisor: Monica Ringer.

Lewis, Brittanie L. Undocumented Entrepreneurship, Sociocultural Reproduction, and the Negotiation of Borders: A Mexican Flea Market in an Anti-Immigrant Age. Advisor: Rick A. Lopez. Winner of the 2017. Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Meijer, Raymond H. The Struggle between Conflicting Religious Identity and Political Convictions: Catholic Priests’ Involvement in the American Social Movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Advisor: Hilary Moss.

Noerdlinger, Laura K. The Glory of Bordeaux, the Glory of France: The 1855 Classification of the Wines of the Gironde and the Formation of Bordeaux within the French Nation. Advisor: Rick A. Lopez. Winner of the 2017 Asa J. Davis Prize.

Raskin, Thomas B. Until Every Cage is Empty: The Ideas that Made the Animal Liberation Movement. Advisor: Alec Hickmott.

Tirop, Caryce C. The Subaltern Speaks: Rethinking Kenyan Identity within the Indian Diaspora of Kenya. Advisor: Sean Redding. Winner of the 2017 Asa J. Davis Prize.