Honors Requirements

The department recommends Latin Honors for seniors who have achieved distinction in their course work and who have completed a thesis of Honors quality. Students who are candidates for Latin Honors will normally take two courses, History 498 and History 499, in addition to the courses required of all majors. With the approval of the thesis advisor, a student may take either History 498 or History 499 as a double course. In special cases, and with the approval of the entire department, a student may be permitted to devote more than three courses to his or her thesis.

Honors Program: Class of 2019

Class of 2019

Brown, Davis. The Social and Political Function of Piracy in Early Nineteenth-Century America. Advisor: Edward D. Melillo.

Dow, Michael. Arms Control Pioneer: John J. McCloy and Disarmament Strategy in the Kennedy Administration. Advisor: Vanessa Walker

Isaac, Esther. Good Propaganda and Joyous Laughter: Building Community in the Anarchist Movements of Chicago and Paris, 1871-1914. Advisor: Ellen R. Boucher.

McNamara, JamieHybridity, Revolution, and Madame Nhu in French Colonial Vietnam. Advisor: Vanessa Walker.

Murphy, Annie. The Wrong Side of History: Understanding the Boy Scouts of America’s Ban on Gay Members and Leaders from 1978-2015. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Quigley, Nathaniel. An Irresolvable Contestation: Reconsidering Liberalism Through the Figure of Allan Octavian Hume. Advisor: Ellen R. Boucher

Rosenthal, EthanThatcherite Nationalism: A New Type of Conservatism. Advisor: Adi Gordon.

Savage, Katherine. Recovering Memory Through Materiality: Spain's Memory Wars and Contested Sites of Memory. Advisor: Sergey Glebov

Simonitis, Mark. The Scottish National Myth and Its Uses in Scottish and British Nationalism. Advisor: Adi Gordon

Tierney, Shannon. The Regulation of Sexuality in 19th and Early 20th Century Ireland. Advisor: Jen Manion