Honors Requirements

The department recommends Latin Honors for seniors who have achieved distinction in their course work and who have completed a thesis of Honors quality. Students who are candidates for Latin Honors will normally take two courses, History 498 and History 499, in addition to the courses required of all majors. With the approval of the thesis advisor, a student may take either History 498 or History 499 as a double course. In special cases, and with the approval of the entire department, a student may be permitted to devote more than three courses to his or her thesis.

Honors Program: Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Arthur, Mitchell M. Galway: 1916-1922 Irish Revolution. Advisor: Ellen R. Boucher.

Bajramovic, Alisa. "War Broke Their Reason": Conceptions of Shell Shock in British Society, 1918-1924. Advisor: Ellen R. Boucher.

Bergmamesca, Kathryn G. Continuity and Change: The Regulation of Indian Prostitution during the Colonial and Post-Colonial Years. Advisor: Dwaipayan Sen.

Bessey, Michael A. (2018E). From Poetry to Politics: The Shahnameh and Conversion to Iranian Nationalism. Advisor: Monica Ringer. Winner of the 2018 Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Bessey, Sloane V. More than a Royal Lover: An Analysis of the Network of Women Who Supported Madame de Pompadour. Advisor: Ellen R. Boucher.

Daalder, Marc H. Pacifism from the Pacific: Pai Mārire and the Māori Roots of Nonviolent Resistance. Advisor: Dwaipayan Sen.

Connor J. Girard. Cultural Fortitude: The Native American Boarding School Movement Experience and its Impact on Cultural Identity Markers . Advisor: Hilary Moss.

Havaldar, Shantanu S. “Favourites” of Fallen Kings: Eunuchs and the Colonial Transition in Northern India, 1556-1856. Advisor: Dwaipayan Sen. Winner of the 2018 Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Hines, Jake S. Sea Control: The Evolution of the Interwar U.S. Navy. Advisor: Vanessa Walker.

Irmer, Adrienne L. Masculine Honor and the Rupturing of the Public/Private Taboo in al-Andalus. Advisor Mary E. Hicks.

Kiley, Andrew D. Freedom in Crisis: John J. McCloy and the Internment of Japanese Americans. Advisor: Hilary Moss.

Kim, Andrew D. Moving Across Time: A Comparative Analysis of the Asian American Movement and the Chol Soo Lee Movement, 1968 - 1983. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Kim, Joon. Chasing Soju: A History. Advisor: Trent Maxey.

Lee, David W. How Did They Fail?: Churches’ and Community Organizations’ Role in Resolving Socioeconomic Tension and Interracial Hostility Between Korean Americans and African Americans Before the LA Riots (1990-1992). Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Lindquist, Nolan S. A Visible Government: John Lindsay and the Neighborhood City Halls in New York, 1965-1968. Advisor: Hilary Moss. Winner of the 2018 Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Loomis, Adele K. This Land Belongs to the Herero": Rinderpest and the Loss of Herero Independence in German South West Africa, 1870-1903. Advisor: Sean Redding. Winner of the 2018 Asa J. Davis Prize.

Murray, Aidan J. The Other European Integration: Interwar British Fascists’ Visions of a European Union. Advisor: Adi Gordon.

Muskat, Galen F. (2018E) From the Protection of Civil Rights to the Protection of Working Whites: An 1884 View from Springfield, Massachusetts of the Transformation of the Gilded Age Republican Party. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Neri, Austin M. The Origins of the Nazi Escape to South America: German-South American Business Relations and Memory, 1800-1945. Advisor: April Trask.

Stein, Camille R. Bram Fischer, Doris Lessing, and Govan Mbeki: Political Representations of the Communist Party in the Anti-Apartheid Movement in South Africa. Advisor: Sean Redding.

Steinhorn, Max G. Tapping into a Political Force: George Wallace, the North, and the 1968. Election. Advisor: Vanessa Walker. Winner of the 2018 Asa J. Davis Prize.

Stracher, Simon R. Partners not Patrons: U.S. Patron-Client Counterinsurgency in the Philippines from 1949-1953, and South Vietnam from 1961-1963. Advisor: Vanessa Walker.