Honors Program: Class of 2016

Class of 2016

Chen, Shiyan (Nancy). "Not a Day Goes by without this Gentleman:" A History of Bamboo in China. Advisor: Edward D. Melillo. Winner of the 2016 Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Hart, Samuel T. On Mass Incarceration in the United States and Australia between 1960 and 2016. Advisor: Sean Redding.

Judge, Doyle P. History and the Modern State of Veteran Care in America. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Kiley, Margaret D. (Maggie). The Devolution of the Connecticut Death Penalty from 1960 to Present Day: A Lens into the Institution of Capital Punishment in the United States. Advisor: Vanessa Walker (Fall) / Frank G. Couvares (Spring).

Konijnenberg, Rebecca C. The United States and the League of Nations from 1919 until 1925: A Story of Unilateralism in the Aftermath of the League Fight. Advisor: Vanessa Walker.

Mardeusz, Elizabeth H. (Liz). From Ashes, "Absence": American Collective Memory, Identity, and the National September 11 Memorial. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

McEvoy, Theresa J. (Tessa). Reconstructing Iona: Tourism, the Celtic Revival and British Identity in the 19th Century. Advisor: Jun Hee Cho (Fall) / Ellen R. Boucher (Spring).

Revery, Chloe A. The Digital Shuffle: The Development of Software for the Space Shuttle, 1970-1979. Advisor: John W. Servos.

Robertson, Ericka N. Amherst College, Doshisha University, and the Evolution of Private Western Influence in Japan from the 1920s to the 1950s. Advisor: Vanessa Walker.

Rose, Abigail H. The Triumph and Failure of Lyndon Johnson: The Balancing Act of Domestic and Foreign Policy in 1964. Advisor: Vanessa Walker.

Shahmehri, Demetrius Q. Robert Musil's Critique of Ideology, 1919-1923. Advisor: Adi Gordon. Winner of the 2016 Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Stein, Jason E. We'll be Back for the Next Half-Inning after the Commercial Break: Media, Technology and Change in Major League Baseball from Radio to Cord-Cutting. Advisor: Trent E. Maxey.

Strickler, Travis L. Omar Bradley: The Allies' Unsung General. Advisor: Kevin M. Sweeney.

Teyie, Alexis. The Gospel of the Camera: Picture Postcards Published by Missionaries in Colonial Kenya, 1900-1940. Advisor: Sean Redding. Winner of the 2016 Asa J. Davis Prize.

Woodard, Vanessa V. Chains Not Yet Broken: The Separate Legacies of Indigenous Forced Labor and African Slavery in Columbian Society.  Advisor: Rick A. Lopez.

Honors Program: Class of 2017

Class of 2017

Bean, Cameron. New Atlanta: The Era of Coalition Politics. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Duquette, Audrey M. Taxes and Terrorism: The Development of American Nationalism. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Feng, Siyu (2017E). From Istanbul to Kashgar: Ahmet Kemal's Education Mission to Chinese Turkestan, 1885-1917. Advisor: Monica Ringer. Winner of the 2017 Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Giampa, Jordan. All Men Are Created Equal?: A Local History of the Vietnam War Draft’s Inequalities in Worcester County, Massachusetts. Advisor: Frank G. Couvares.

Green, Yvonne. Ottoman Citizens: Citizenship and National Identity in the Late Ottoman Empire. Advisor: Monica Ringer.

Johnson, Paul S. Politics, Pricing, and Patents: An Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry through the Kefauver Hearings. Advisor: John W. Servos.

Keith, David A. Ameen Rihani and the Development of Arab Secularism Onto and Beyond the Americas. Advisor: Monica Ringer.

Lewis, Brittanie L. Undocumented Entrepreneurship, Sociocultural Reproduction, and the Negotiation of Borders: A Mexican Flea Market in an Anti-Immigrant Age. Advisor: Rick A. Lopez. Winner of the 2017. Afred F. Havighurst Prize.

Meijer, Raymond H. The Struggle between Conflicting Religious Identity and Political Convictions: Catholic Priests’ Involvement in the American Social Movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Advisor: Hilary Moss.

Noerdlinger, Laura K. The Glory of Bordeaux, the Glory of France: The 1855 Classification of the Wines of the Gironde and the Formation of Bordeaux within the French Nation. Advisor: Rick A. Lopez. Winner of the 2017 Asa J. Davis Prize.

Raskin, Thomas B. Until Every Cage is Empty: The Ideas that Made the Animal Liberation Movement. Advisor: Alec Hickmott.

Tirop, Caryce C. The Subaltern Speaks: Rethinking Kenyan Identity within the Indian Diaspora of Kenya. Advisor: Sean Redding. Winner of the 2017 Asa J. Davis Prize.