Checklist for the submission of an interdisciplinary proposal. 

Student’s name: __________________________ Class year: ______________ 

Proposal: __________________________________________________________________ 

  • Motivation for pursuing the program. 
  • Justification that the thesis and program require the framework of an interdisciplinary department and cannot fit within an existing department. 
  • Outline and discussion of the anticipated content of the thesis, making clear the important tenets, assumptions, methods and goals of the thesis. 


  • The required courses for the major including at least 6 courses beyond introductory level. 
  • Discussion of the appropriateness of these courses and that they fit together in a coherent manner. 

Principle Advisor: _____________________________________________________________ 

  • A written statement that he/she/they reviewed the student’s written proposal, finds that it is truly interdisciplinary, and agrees that the courses selected by the student form a solid foundation for the interdisciplinary program, and approves of the proposed thesis description and approach. The advisor should indicate that he/she/they agrees to serve as Chair of the major/thesis committee. 

Other Advisors: ______________________________________________________________ 

  • Written statements from the other advisors indicating that they have discussed the student’s program and are willing to serve as advisors to the program. 


  • The student’s most recent (unofficial) transcript. 


Submitted no later than the eighth week of the second junior semester (or, for class of 2023 and beyond, the seventh week of the first junior semester)