Capstone Requirement


The capstone requirement will be met through a portfolio of work done in the Major, introduced by a reflective essay that addresses how the interdisciplinary nature of the coursework informs a question or topic of special interest to the student and their long-term plans. Students will publicly share these reflections during a LLAS Major Capstone Symposium.

  • In the reflective essay, you must assess an issue or set of concerns that you have explored across your LLAS courses. Explain how your particular courses, and the work you have done within those courses, helped you advance your interdisciplinary understanding of the issue or set of concerns that has been the focus of your exploration. Length 2000-2500 words long (approximately 8-10 pages long, double-spaced), plus proper citations and bibliography.
  • The portfolio should include a copy of the major projects that you have produced for each of the courses they’re counting for the Major, such as final exam, term papers, and any other essays or assignments that you feel help us understand your path through the major.  This and the essay should be submitted electronically, to a shared Dropbox folder to which the individual student and each faculty member of the department has access.

The symposium will vary slightly from year to year. For the Spring of 2019, seniors will gather with LLAS faculty to briefly present the heart of what they discussed in their reflective essays, and to respond to questions from each other and form the faculty.

Worksheet for Latinx & Latin American Studies Majors