BLUMSTEIN, KATE Law & Psychology in Conflict:  Tension Between the Disciplines Manifested in Cases of Insanity and Institutionalization
BURKE, BRENDAN Ways that Legality and Science order the world in similar ways
HERTS, DYLAN Balance between digital rights management and the exception of fair use
KOU, ANNE Sexual Assault Policy in U.S. Military Academies and during compulsory military service in the Israeli Defense Forces
LEVY, STEVEN The Poison Pair:  How a Decentralized Police Force and Proportional Representation Facilitates The rise of Radical Social Movements
RICHARD, HEATHER Law & Literature - the blindness of law
SPRUNG-KEYSER, MADDY A Play based upon the case: The State of Texas v. Cameron Todd Willingham
SYLVAN, SHAMARI Gang Task Forces and Police Powers
ODEH, JAMILA  Legal Issues surrounding Israeli National Parks in Palestinian Territories



EICHENFIELD, JULIA Sexual Assault Adjudication in Undergraduate Institutions
JABLIN, KATHERINE Fictional Media and the Law
KOCHANEK, JILLIAN Mass Imprisonment in the U.S.
BRADSHAW, DAVID The War on Addiction: The Treatment and Mistreatment of Substance Abuse in America



ALVAREZ, ERNESTO Has Property reached its limit? Should law continue hyper-privatization or, instead, opt for communization?
ARVANTIS, ALEXANDRA The Problem of China in Economic Legal Theory
BURNETT, THOMAS Unpacking Redistricting: the Supreme Court and Competing Democratic Principles
DUNLEAVY, KRISTYN Prosecuting Heads of State
GLEASON, LAUREN Corporate Personhood
HESNI, SAMIA Paul Ricoeur and Narrative Jurisprudence
KAY, DANIEL Blocked: Student Privacy and School Authority in the Facebook Age
KELLEY, PIERCE You Have the Right to Remain Silent, Punk: Dirty Harry and Miranda v. Arizona as Competing Narratives and the Birth of Pol Culture's Mythical Rogue Cop
KOCH, JULIA The Weimar Republic: The Failure of Emergency Law in Democracy
MANN, GABRIEL Property Rights
PAGONIS, ZOE The Law's Invsetment in Standup Comedy
REGENBOGEN, SAMANTHA From Pederasty to Pedophilia: A Democratic Evolution
TROCONIS, IRINA Law, Literature and Society: a complicated relationship
TUCHMAN, RACHEL Transgender Jurisprudence: Doing Justice to Law, Pleasure and Categories



BAUCH, SAM Illegal immigration as Tolerated Illegality: Generative Qualities of American Immigration Law Through the Foucauldian Paradigm.
DACEY, KENDALL The Permanence of Emergency: An Analysis of the Role of Executive Powers in the Detention of Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay,Cuba
ELEK, KRYSTYN Don't Ask, Don't Tell : Identity Formation and De-formation in the American Military
GELLES, SARAH Revising the United State Constitution
GEORGE, ALYSSA Socio-Economic Onconsistencies in Divorce and Sexual Assault Law
MCGINN, AMANDA Be Our Guest: Tensions Between sovereignty and Human Rights Withing the United States' Temporary Guest Worker Program
O'BRIEN, LUKE Fuller's Fidelity to Law: Anatomy of a Misreading
SHNIDERMAN, ADAM Constitutional Law and Mind Reading:  The Use of fMRI Lie-Detection in The American Criminal Justice System
TSAI, HAU-RAN Models of Disability Rights
ZHOU, LUCY Bodies of Law:The Biopolitical Regulation of Prenatal Testing in the United States



ACKERMAN, TOVAH Neuroscience & Its Application to the U.S. Penal Practice
BAKER, MATTIE San Antonio v. Rodriguez:  The Constitutionality of Education Inequities
CHAFFIN, PAUL Authority, Literature & the Law
CHAPMAN, CARLA Turkey’s Honor Crimes & Their Relationship to Patriarchal Power & Islam
ELLINGSON, SAMANTHA Relationship between Jurisprudence & Religion & the Changing Status of Religious Freedom in American Legal Theory
FITZPATRICK, CHRIS Dystopia:  The Future of Law in Crisis, Then & Now
FREEMAN, JENNY Second Amendment:  Language, History & Original Intent
HARIK,YASMINE Civil Rights in Relation to U.S. War on Terror
HOLTON-BASALDUA, CLAIRE Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault:  Legislation, Legal Practices & Social Issues
LEVENSON, CARLY Transinstitutionalization:  The Incarceration of the Mentally Ill
PASTAN, NICHOLAS Taking Colonialism Seriously:  The South African Constitutional Court and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
PRINCI, ALEXA Examining the Appropriateness of the Insanity Defense
QUIGG, CHARLIE Amnesty after Rome:  How the ICC Could Change the Operation of Transitional Justice
SANCHEZ, ANTONINA The Insanity Plea in the United States and Germany
TANENBAUM, CHARLES Black Civil Rights Movement Relative to the American Gay Rights Movement
YELLIN, MATTHEW "Sports Exception" to  the Idea of 'Consent as No Excuse for Violence'
YESNIK, STEPHANIE Evolution of Punishment and the Differences Across the Atlantic