Territory: A Short Introduction
David Delaney

This short introduction conveys the complexities associated with the term "territory" in a clear and accessible manner. It surveys the field and brings theory to ground in the case of Palestine.

A clear and accessible introduction to the complexities associated with the term “territory”.

Provides an interdisciplinary survey of the many strands of research in the field.
Addresses specific areas including interpretations of territorial structures; the relationship between territoriality and scale; the validity and fluidity of territory; and the practical, social processes associated with territorial re-configuration

Stresses that our understanding of territory is inseparable from our understanding of power.
Uses Israel/Palestine as an extended illustrative case study.

The author's strong legal and geographical background gives the work an authoritative perspective.

“This book is a brilliant, accessible excursion through the many dimensions of a key aspect of social space. Delaney weaves together provocative illustrations, detailed case studies, and an original theoretical synthesis in order to track the many ways in which territory structures our everyday lives. Thanks to Delaney's lucid writing style and his broad, interdisciplinary expertise, the book will be a tremendously useful resource for students at all levels.” — Neil Brenner, New York University

“Dividing ourselves up into territories is a pervasive but remarkably ill-understood feature of human life. This book succinctly and expertly explores why territory matters and surveys the ways in which we can better understand it.” — John Agnew, University of California, Los Angeles

Wiley-Blackwell 2005

Book cover of Law and Nature
David Delaney
Law and Nature

“This is an outstanding book, no doubt the product of a research project of great scope and sustained intellectual inquiry and creativity. With this book, David Delaney makes a significant contribution to the literature on the relationship between law and nature, indeed may even have carved out this area as his own. … eminently readable, he writes beautifully, with a clear purpose (rather than agenda), a light hand and confidence, without cliché, or even predictability.”—Journal of Environmental Law

Cambridge University Press 2003

The Legal Geographies Reader

David Delaney (editor), Nicholas Blomley (author) & Richard Ford (editor)
The Legal Geographies Reader

This timely Reader brings together, for the first time, key writings on the relation between law and geography in an effort to clarify the connections between these two increasingly complex concepts.

“The Reader in Law and Geography combines the talents of diverse professionals focused upon issues of enormous importance.” — Professor Gordon L. Clark, University of Oxford

"The mutual inscription of law in space and of space in law, for so long invisible, emerges in this volume with the utmost clarity and cogency. — Professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Wiley-Blackwell 2001

Race, Place, and the Law

David Delaney
Race, Place, & the Law

"Delaney's argument is original, provocative, and very creative." — Nicholas K. Blomley, author of Law, Space, and the Geographies of Power

University of Texas Press 1998



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