Welcome to Mathematics & Statistics! Our faculty are here to help you succeed. We firmly believe that anyone can learn mathematics and statistics. Our courses are demanding and we will make you work hard—and we’ll support you every step of the way so that you can grow and thrive here at Amherst College.

Most students interested in exploring the math curriculum begin somewhere in the three-semester calculus sequence (MATH 111, 121, and 211) or a course with no prerequisites like MATH. 

140 Math Modeling or MATH 205 Inequality. Those with more advanced preparation might begin with a 200-level course like MATH 271 Linear Algebra. Students wishing to explore statistics typically start with STAT 135 Intro to Statistics via Modeling. For those who have already taken some statistics, STAT 230 Intermediate Statistics and STAT 231 Data Science are great ways to build skills in working with data, followed by a variety of electives delving into statistical methods and applications like epidemiology and sports.

Our meticulous placement process in mathematics and statistics will guide you in choosing the most appropriate course. Wherever you jump into our curriculum, there are pathways in Mathematics or Statistics open to you to major in either Mathematics or Statistics. We welcome all interested students to join our math and stats community.

Graduates of our program go on to successful careers in consulting and finance, medicine, education, law, tech, and government, as well as pursuing graduate degrees in pure and applied mathematics, statistics and data science, and other related disciplines. Employers greatly value the skills our students gain from the combination of math and stats courses with Amherst’s liberal arts curriculum. Our students learn to assimilate abstract and technical material efficiently, to reason from data, to apply analytical thinking skills to solve problems of all sorts, and to clearly communicate their work.

We hope to see you in class!

Mathematics Faculty


Back row: Miriam Kuzbary, David Zureick-Brown, Nathan Pflueger, Michael Ching, Ryan Alvarado, Gregory Call, Aamir Rasheed, Ivan Contreras, Yongheng Zhang. Front row: Joe Kraisler, Amanda Folsom, Xiaoqian Gong, Jessica Sidman, Kathy Glista, Danielle Benedetto, Rob Benedetto, Katherine Moore. Missing: Harris Daniels, Chris Elliott

Statistics Faculty

Statistics faculty group shot outdoors.

Back row: Kathy Glista, Brittney Bailey, Kevin Donges, Nick Horton, David Cox. Front row: Shu-Min Liao, Katharine Correia, Amy Wagaman, Pam Matheson