Mathematics and statistics are rich areas of inquiry ranging from pure abstractions to concrete applications. Mathematics is the study of structures and phenomena that arise in science, theory, and daily life.  Statistics can yield remarkable insight into the data that pervade modern life.

At Amherst College, the study of Mathematics and Statistics includes both its pure and applied aspects. The ideas of Mathematics and Statistics are not only beautiful and valuable in themselves but also relevant to many other disciplines, including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Studies, and Physics.

Our introductory course offerings include Calculus, Linear Algebra and Applied Statistics. For students interested in Mathematics as a liberal art, we also have courses such as Number Theory, Mathematical Modeling, and Discrete Mathematics. In these courses, suitable for majors and non-majors alike, students learn the power of applications and enjoy the satisfaction of constructing rigorous proofs. For students who wish to inquire more deeply into the subject, a major in Mathematics or Statistics offers a full range of courses, together with the possibility of doing a senior honors thesis in Mathematics or Statistics.