The Mathematics and Statistics Department recognizes outstanding students in many ways:

The Walker Awards

The Walker Awards consist of the following:

  • The Walker Award in Mathematics and Statistics is awarded to a student who has demonstrated initiative, creativity, perseverance, and achievement in Mathematics and Statistics.
  • The Walker Award for Leadership is awarded for outstanding leadership and for contributions to the mathematics and statistics community at Amherst.
  • The Walker Teaching Award is awarded to a student for accomplishment and promise in teaching and tutoring of mathematics or statistics.
  • The Walker Prizes in Problem Solving, established by William J. Walker of Newport, Rhode Island. Two prizes are awarded to members of the first-year class and two prizes to members of the sophomore class for proficiency in mathematical problem solving, determined by an examination.

The Nomination Process for Walker Awards

Nominations for the three Walker Awards can be made by all students, staff and faculty, though you may not nominate yourself. If you have any questions about the awards or the nomination process, please contact Prof Ching (

Recent Walker Award Winners:

The Walker Award in Mathematics and Statistics:

2022: Lisa Cenek '22E, Kenny Chen '22, Anna Dietrich '22, Bobby Innes-Gold '22, Leah Johnson '22, Jonathan Paul '22, Audrey Rosevear '22, Wenzhi Tseng '22
2021: Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse '21, Dana Frishman '21, Maria-Cristiana (Kitty) Girjau '21, Lianbi Ji '21, Tyler Marshall '21, Breanna Richards '21
2020: Camille Blum '20 , Mia Nicholson '20, Shashank Sule '20 
2019: Bonnie Lin '19, Margaret A. Medina-Pena '19, Katherine A. Mendoza '19, Joseph (Joe) M. Schneider '19
2018: James Corbett, Jocelyn Hunyadi, Jamie Tucker-Foltz
2017: Jonathan Che, Hui Xu, Bowen Yang

The Walker Award for Leadership:

2022: Tessa Levenstein '23, Alan Li '24, Michael Liu '24, Xander Schwartz '23, Kathy Xing '24, Phillip Zhou '24
Jonathan Paul '22, Audrey Rosevear '22, Jessica Yu '22
Andrea Boskovic '21, Maria-Cristiana (Kitty) Girjau '21, Noah Solomon '22, Andrew Tawfeek '21E
Sean Y. Gao '22, Elizabeth Pratt '22
2018: Katherine Finnerty, Jennifer Halbleib, Obinna Ukogu, Bowen Yang
2017: Yen Nhi Truong Vu

The Walker Teaching Award:

2022: Nicolas Ardila '23, Henry Bassett '23, Helen Feibes '23, Karime Hernandez '24, Daksha Pathak '23
Anna Dietrich '22, Luka Duranovic '22, Leah Johnson '22, Sophia Koh '22, Samantha (Min) Winton '23
Shu Amano '21, Lisa Cenek '21, Sirig Gurung '21, Seamus Lawton '21, Juhyun (Julie) Lee '22
Michael N. Bakshandeh '21, Camille Blum '20, Sai Chauhan '20, Enoch Y. Shin '21
2018: Fengling Hu, Denise Noriega
2017: Yariana Diaz, Obinna Ukogu 

The Walker Competition

The Walker Problem-Solving Competition took place in 2021 on Wednesday 21 April. The competition consists of roughly 10 math problems. No advanced mathematical knowledge is required. (If you have taken Math 121 or equivalent, then you have all the necessary background.) However, the problems are meant to be challenging and thought-provoking. [You can see some of the questions from previous years.]

Recent Walker Prize in Problem Solving Winners:

First-Year Students: 1st place: Jovan Markovic '25; 2nd place: Dhyey Mavani '25
Sophomores: 1st place: Alan Li '24; 2nd place: Andrew Ni '24, Derek Zhang '24

First-Year Students: 1st place: Andrew Ni '24; 2nd place: Alan Li '24
Sophomores: 1st place: Ethan Spingarn '23; 2nd place: Keane Ng '23, Shixiong (Leo) Xu '23

First-Year Students: 1st place: Yee-Lynn Lee; 2nd place: Ethan Spingarn, Shixiong (Leo) Xu
Sophomores: 1st place: Subin Manandhar; 2nd place: Elizabeth Pratt

First-Year Students:  1st place: Subin Manandhar;  2nd place: Zhengyu (Albert) Jing, Holden T. Lee, Elizabeth Pratt
Sophomores: 1st place: Shu Amano, Kieran L. Brookes;  2nd place: Lianbi Ji, Enes Kristo

First-Year Students: 1st place: Kieran Brookes, 2nd place: Enes Kristo
Sophomores: 1st place: Alex Mangiafico, 2nd place Elizabete Mezinska

First-Year Students: 1st place (tied): Alex Mangiafico, Ralph Skinner, Elizabete Mezinska
Sophomores: 1st place: Jamie Tucker-Foltz, 2nd place: Gregory Carroll

First-Year Students: 1st place (tied): Alex Santos, Jamie Tucker-Foltz, Gregory Carroll
Sophomores: 1st place: Bowen Yang, 2nd place: Hui Xu

First-Year Students: 1st place: Bowen Yang, 2nd place: An Thu Hoang, Tobias Schwed
Sophomores: 1st place: Fan Hao Yang, 2nd place: Yen Nhi Truong Vu

Recent Walker Exams:


The Robert H. Breusch Prize

Each year, the Robert H. Breusch Prizes are awarded to the seniors who, in the opinion of the faculty, have presented the best honors theses in mathematics and statistics.

Recent Breusch Prize Winners:

2022: Lisa Cenek '22E, Kenny Chen '22, Anna Dietrich '22, Baz Pratt '22, Audrey Rosevear '22, Noah Solomon '22
2021: Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse '21, Andrew Tawfeek '21E, Jasper Flint '21
Gregory Carroll '20, Max Fox-Jurkowitz '20, Joseph Lupo '20, Shashank Sule '20
Katherine (Kate) S. Finnerty, Fengling Hu, Eleanor (Ellie) Thieu and Robert (Robbie) J. Zielinski
William (Jack) Wesley and Hui Xu (in math), Jonathan Che (in statistics)
2017: Yen Nhi Truong Vu
2016: Rebecca Danning and Hannah Goodwillie
2015: Dvij Bajpai, Eddie Kim, and Darius Onul  

The Five College Statistics Prize

The Five College Statistics Prize is awarded to one student at each of the Five Colleges based on their outstanding independent research, thesis, or capstone course project in statistics.

Recent Five College Statistics Prize Winners:

2022: Shu Amano '22E, Kenny Chen '22
Maria-Cristiana (Kitty) Girjau '21, Breanna Richards '21
Enoch Shin '21, Emily Ye '20
2019: Jocelyn V. Hunyadi and Cassidy W. Maher
2018: Sarah Teichman
2017: Azka Javaid, Caleb Ki, and Muling Si
2016: Christina Wang
2015: Jarvis Sill  

Honors Societies

Sigma Xi 

All mathematics and statistics senior thesis writers are elected to Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. See our list of recent thesis writers in Mathematics and Statistics.

Mu Sigma Rho

Amherst nominates outstanding students in Statistics to membership in Mu Sigma Rho, the National Statistics Honorary Society.


2020: Oliver Baldwin Edwards, Andrea Boskovic, Graham Chickering, Claire Dennis, Jasper Alfred George Flint, Maria-Cristiana Girjau, Sirig Gurung, Ziad Kaddouri, Natalia Khoudian, Jung Hoon Andy Ki, Liubou Klindziuk, Emily Lachtara, William Niklas Lonnquist, Tyler Andrew Marshall, Sabir Meah, James Melican, Mark Nathin, Bodhi Nguyen, Tony Ni, Arnav Parikh, Chae Young (Clara) Seo, Enoch Shin, and Audrey Stromberg

2019: Shu Amano, Erika Rose DeAngelis, John Festa Jr., Max Fox-Jurkowitz, Dahyun Jessica Jeong, Rebecca Silva, Christopher Stone, Brandon Wang, Emily Ye, and Shukry Zablah.

2018: Zack Brown, Maggie Chien, Kendall Codey, Patrick Frenett, Kaitlyn Haase, Chase Henley, Jasmine Horan, Fengling Hu, Jocelyn Hunyadi, Siqing Liu, Cassidy Maher, Grace Montoya, Brendan Routh, Leonard Yoon, and Robbie Zielinski

2017:  Megan Adamo, Jordan Browning, Pei Gong, Jennifer Halbleib, Caleb Ki, Andrew Kim, Timothy Lee, Harrison Marick, Brendan Seto, Syed Abbas Shah, Margaret Shea, Olivia Xu, and Leonard Yoon

2016: Jonathan Che, Stephany Flores-Ramos, Paul Gramieri, Connor Haley, Azka Javaid, Rishi Kowalski, Levi Lee, Amanda Rosenbaum, Muling Si, Sarah Teichman, and Alex Titelbaum

2015: Johannes Ferstad, Jason Premo, Thomas Savage, Jarvis Sill, and Ningyue (Christina) Wang

2013: Russell Chen and David (Hao) Zhang  

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