Student Employment Opportunities

The Department hires many students each semester to provide support to their peers as Fellows or graders. There is also an opportunity for graduating students to return to the College to provide support in Mathematics via the Moss Quantitative Center. This page outlines the various positions, with reference to further details on sub-pages.


Each semester we hire students as graders for Mathematics and Statistics courses. Please contact Danielle Benedetto for more information about grading for the department.

Math Fellows

Math Fellows are undergraduate teaching assistants attached to specific mathematics courses. Math Fellows get paid hourly and work for approximately 4-6 hours per week for 13 weeks per semester. Requirements for the position of Math Fellow are excellent interpersonal skills, a sincere desire to help students, a solid knowledge of the material covered in the course, and a commitment to attend Math Fellow meetings and maintain regular contact with the course instructor.

Statistics and Data Science Fellows

Statistics and Data Science Fellows provide drop-in statistics tutoring for Introductory Statistics, Intermediate Statistics, and Data Science. They work approximately 6-8 hours per week for 13 weeks a semester, with a variety of responsibilities dependent on their experience, which can include a project overseen by Statistics faculty. Requirements for the position are strong statistical and computational skills, excellent interpersonal skills, successful completion of STAT 230 (Intermediate Statistics) or equivalent by end of the current semester along with interest in taking future statistics classes. Completion of STAT 360 (Probability) is a plus.

Amherst Mathematics Quantitative Fellow

Are you considering working for a year before graduate school or before making a career commitment? The Amherst Mathematics Quantitative Fellow is a Green Dean position based in the Moss Quantitative Center.  We seek applications from current Amherst seniors and recent Amherst alumni who would be interested in providing support to students in intermediate math courses.  The successful candidate must be able to teach and encourage students of diverse backgrounds, including first-generation college students, international students, and students with varying mathematical preparation.